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About strong authentication in general

What is Alpha SecureWeb?

Alpha SecureWeb is an advanced online service protecting you against unauthorised online transactions on your card. We use Push Notifications and biometrics (e.g. facial recognition) to boost the security of your online card transactions. 

This service covers all Alpha Bank debit, credit and prepaid cards (Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club International).  

Do I need to register my card on Alpha SecureWeb?

No, you do not need to take any action for your cards to be registered on Alpha SecureWeb. All cards are registered automatically – this applies to additional cards, new cards and replacements due to loss or theft.  

How do Push Notifications work?

During an online transaction, you receive a Push Notification on your phone, that: 

  • Includes the transaction details. 
  • Prompts you to confirm the transaction. 

To confirm the transaction, tap on the Push Notification. You will be transferred to myAlpha Mobile, where you will use your 4-digit PIN or biometrics to confirm the transaction. The confirmation method depends on the settings you chose when you activated Push Notifications. 

How can I activate Push Notifications?

  1. Log in to myAlpha Mobile with your e-Banking credentials. 
  2. Enter the myAlpha Code sent to you. 
  3. Tap on “Next” to start your device identification. 
  4. Enter the myAlpha Code sent to you. 
  5. Set a 4-digit PIN for quick app login. 
  6. Re-enter your 4-digit PIN for confirmation. 
  7. You can also activate Fingerprint or Face ID if you want. 
  8. Tap on “Activate” to activate Push Notifications. 

Is strong authentication used on all card transactions?

No. Strong authentication is only used for e-shops that have Visa Secure, Mastercard® Identity CheckTM and/or Diners Protect Buy enabled.  

When carrying out transactions at an e-shop that does not have these services enabled:  

  • Choose businesses that are trustworthy and secure (https://). 
  • Keep proof of the transaction on file (including date, amount, order number, etc.). 
  • Read the Terms and Conditions applying to the transaction before completing it. 
  • Find out about the delivery method and cost, as well as any other fees and charges that may apply. 

When is authentication necessary on standing orders, repeat purchases and digital wallets?

We have a set of rules in place for your own security. 

  • Standing orders: You will have to confirm the transaction only once, as you are setting up the standing order. We consider some merchants to be safe. In such cases, 2-factor authentication is not necessary. Whether authentication is necessary is also decided by the merchant.  
  • Repeat purchases: If you have saved your card information on the merchant’s site, you do not need to enter it again. The initial authentication is still valid.  
  • Digital wallets: Authentication is necessary on these transactions, with the exception of some services specified by Alpha Bank.  

Is authentication used when shopping on e-shops outside the EU?

Authentication is not mandatory when shopping outside the EU.  

What is a CVV?

The Card Verification Value or CVV is a 3-digit security code on your card. 

It is printed on a white strip on the back of your actual card. 

You can also find your card CVV on myAlpha Mobile:  

Main menu > Cards > Choose card > Card info. 

About transactions with strong authentication

Can I authenticate a transaction using only a smartwatch or other wearable?

Yes, as long as the device can receive SMS text messages or use biometrics for your identification.  

Do I need special software to carry out a transaction?

No. You can carry out transactions on any computer,  as long as you: 

  • Have allowed pop-ups to make sure you will be able to complete the payment process. 
  • Have your mobile phone with you, with the myAlpha Mobile app installed. 
  • Have activated Push Notifications.

Can I receive a myAlpha Code without an active data connection?

Yes, but only through SMS. You cannot receive a myAlpha Code through Push Notification without an active data connection.  

I did not receive a Push Notification. How can I complete my transaction?

On the transaction confirmation screen, choose to have the myAlpha Code sent to you through SMS or Viber as soon as the waiting time for Push Notifications has expired.

If you still don’t receive Push Notifications:

  • Confirm that Push Notifications are activated on myAlpha Mobile (Menu > Profile > Security settings > Push Notifications). 
  • Check your device Settings to confirm that Push Notifications are permitted.
  • Check that you have an active data connection on your device.

How can I unblock my card on Alpha SecureWeb?

Call us on +302103260000. 

About your e-com PIN

What is an e-com PIN?

A 3-digit numeric code you need to carry out transactions using your card if you have not activated Push Notifications.  

You can set up your own e-com PIN and combine it with the code you receive through Viber or SMS to securely authenticate your transactions. 

It is very important for you to remember your e-com PIN. If you forget it, you will not be able to carry out online transactions anymore. If that happens, you will have to call us on +302103260000 to set up a new code number.   

Your e-com PIN is strictly confidential. You should not share it with any other person.

How can I set up an e-com PIN?

During your first online transaction, a pop-up window appears on your screen. Enter your tax number and the myAlpha Code you receive on your mobile phone. 

Follow the instructions to set up an e-com PIN for that card. 

You have to use this e-com PIN, along with the code you receive through SMS or Viber, in all the transactions you carry out with this card. 

Your e-com PIN is strictly confidential. You must memorise it and never share it with any other person. 

I’ve forgotten the e-com PIN for my card. What should I do?

Call us on +302103260000.