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Before taking out a consumer loan

Which loan should I choose depending on my consumer needs?

Additional cash flow and daily needs

  • For your day-to-day expenses and needs: myAlpha Quick Loan. Get a consumer loan for up to €5,000 online, with no supporting documents. Apply from your computer or mobile in only a few minutes. Find out if myAlpha Quick Loan is right for you.
  • For additional cash flow: Alpha Epipleon Overdraft Programme. Get extra money into your payroll account, whenever you need it. Find out if the Alpha Epipleon Overdraft Programme is right for you.

Increased consumer needs

  • For your every need and higher liquidity: Alpha Metron Ariston. Consumer loan for up to €30,000 without collateral or up to €100,000 with collateral. Get a lower interest rate and a longer term with a mortgage lien on property or a pledge of cash. Find out if Alpha Metron Ariston is right for you.
  • For your educational needs: Alpha Education Consumer Loan Get a loan with a favourable interest rate for tuition fees, educational materials and electronic equipment, as well as living costs for studying away from home. Find out if the Alpha Education Consumer Loan is right for you.

A turn towards green solutions

  • For the energy upgrade of your home: Alpha Green Solutions – Consumer Loan for the home Loan for up to €30,000 to buy and install domestic photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or natural gas boilers; to change your door and window frames; to insulate against heat loss, etc. Find out  if Alpha Green Solutions – Consumer Loan for the Home is right for you.
  • For an electric or hybrid car: Alpha Green Solutions – Electric Car / Bicycle Finance 100% of the cost of your new green vehicle, without retention of ownership, for cost-effective, eco-friendly transportation. Find out if Alpha Green Solutions – Electric Car / Bicycle is right for you.

Better debt management

  • To consolidate your debts: Alpha All in 1. Consolidate your performing debts from Alpha Bank loans and cards in 1 loan, to only pay 1 single, lower instalment. Find out if the Alpha All in 1 is right for you.

How do I apply for a consumer loan?

Online, from your mobile or computer, you can apply for myAlpha Quick Loan.

For all other consumer loans, you can apply at any Alpha Bank branch or by calling on +302130095567 daily, 9:00-17:00.

Are there any requirements to apply for a consumer loan?

Yes. You must be a permanent resident of Greece and have an income in Greece.

If your income alone is not enough to guarantee loan repayment, you can name a guarantor for the loan.

Will I pay any fees for my consumer loan?

Yes, you pay an application processing fee, when your loan is disbursed. You do not pay the fee if you loan is not approved.

The fee amount depends on the loan type and amount. Find out more about the consumer loan fees in the Alpha Bank Transaction Terms.

Why should I choose Alpha All in 1?

To pay only 1 instalment that may be up to 50% lower.

With Alpha All in 1 you can consolidate your performing debts from Alpha Bank loans and cards into 1 loan, with a favourable interest rate.

How does the Alpha Epipleon Overdraft Programme work?

The Alpha Epipleon Overdraft Programme adds a credit line to the balance of your payroll.

You can use the approved credit line, without paying instalments on fixed dates. Quite simply, any time you use your credit line, you are charged with interest on the specific amount and for the corresponding number of days.

Interest is charged depending on the type of your account. Every 6 months for the Alpha Premier-Deposit Account and every 3 months for the Alpha Payroll account.

You can use your credit line to:

  • Withdraw cash from any ΑΤΜ, using your Alpha Bank card.
  • Withdraw cash from our branch network and transfer cash from myAlpha Web.
  • Shop in Greece or abroad.
  • Pay debts with a standing order.

Online consumer loans

I bank with Alpha Bank, but I don’t have e-Banking credentials. What should I do?

You can easily get e-Banking credentials through your mobile, without having to visit a branch.

Download the myAlpha Mobile app:


I haven’t updated my details. What should I do?

You can update your details easily online, from your mobile or computer.

Find out all the ways you can update your details.

Can I apply at a branch?

No. You can only apply for myAlpha Quick Loan online through the myAlpha Mobile app or myAlpha Web.