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How to book an appointment step-by-step

Fill in your details

Go to myAlpha Rendez-vous and choose what best describes you: 

  • Individual.
  • Sole proprietorship / Freelance professional.
  • Business.

Fill in your tax number and mobile phone number. In case of businesses, fill in both your personal tax number and the business tax number.

To proceed, fill in the one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your mobile. The OTP remains active for 10 minutes.

Choose the reason for the appointment

To best serve you, you need to choose:

  1. Appointment category from the left menu (e.g. Accounts, cards, loans).
  2. Reason for the appointment from the right menu.

You can choose up to 3 reasons in total, from any category.

If you chose a task for which you can get served through e-Banking, we notify you accordingly and you don’t need to book an appointment.

Choose how, where and when

Choose whether you wish to book an appointment:

  • At one of our branches.
  • Through video call.
  • Over the phone.

If you already bank with us and all your details are up to date, the Alpha Bank branch that serves you appears as the default branch. In addition, the calendar of the representative who’ll assist you also appears.

Alternatively, choose “See all the branches” to locate another branch on the map. Choose the day and time for your appointment, depending on availability.

Note that if you choose video call, for the time being, you can only get information about your request.

Check the details and confirm the appointment

Check the details of your appointment and make sure that they are correct. Add your email to be able to confirm your appointment.

You get an email with all the appointment details. In addition, you get a list of all the supporting documents you may need, depending on the reason for the appointment.

If you want to cancel your appointment, follow the link you receive in the email.


Can I visit a branch without an appointment?

Yes, provided you want to carry out transactions:

  • At a cashier, e.g. deposit or withdraw cash over €500.
  • At an Automated Payment System (APS).

For any other banking needs, we recommend that you book an appointment to best be served.

Find out the new opening hours and service model.

Can I book an appointment with a specific representative?

No. The app recommends the most suitable representative for you.

Can I book an appointment at any branch?

Yes. The app recommends a branch that can serve you.

However, if you want to get served at another branch, choose “See all the branches” to locate one on the map.

How can I cancel or change the appointment I booked online?

To cancel the appointment, choose “Cancel appointment” in the confirmation email you got when you booked your appointment.

To change the appointment, you must first cancel the one you have already booked. Then follow the process again to book a new appointment through myAlpha Rendez-vous .


I do not bank with Alpha Bank. Can I book an appointment online?

Yes. In this case, a default Alpha Bank branch will not appear. Choose a branch from the map.

Do my details at Alpha Bank need to be up-to-date so I can book an appointment?

No. However, your details need to be up-to-date for many of the banking tasks for which you book an appointment.

We suggest that you update your details online before your appointment.