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For locating your account details

What is an IBAN?

An ΙΒΑΝ (International Bank Account Number) is used to identify a bank account according to the specifications set by the European Committee for Banking Standards. An ΙΒΑΝ can be generated for any given account by the respective Bank. 

Using an IBAN makes it easier to automatically process the transfer of funds between countries. This system ensures correct transmission of an account number.   

How can I find the IBAN for my account?

  • On the dashboard of myAlpha Web
  • In your passbook. 
  • In the account statement you receive by post.  

If you know your account number, you can use the IBAN calculator.  

How can I print proof of my bank account that shows my IBAN?

On the dashboard of myAlpha Web, click on the gear icon next to your account number and choose “Print IBAN”. 

You can then save or print the document. 

What is a BIC CODE/SWIFT and how can I find it?

A BIC CODE/SWIFT is a code identifying the bank with which an account is held. It is mainly used as an identification code by banks abroad in the context of transfers.