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One Term Deposit - Multiple Benefits! Now also online!

Create your own Alpha online Term Deposit with Bonus when, where and as you wish, through myAlpha Web and earn thousands of Bonus points!

Alpha Bank offers 20% extra Bonus points to the Customers that will create “Alpha online Term Deposit with Bonus” until 30 August 2019.

Open it now and benefit from unique privileges

  • Thousands of Bonus points available for redemption at Premium Plus Bonus Merchants and any of the 4,000 Bonus Programme affiliated Merchants
  • Quick creation and management online through myAlpha Web and myAlpha Phone
  • Flexible and readily liquid through myAlpha Web and myAlpha Phone, beyond branches' normal working hours
  • Select the term most convenient to you between 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Low initial deposit amount starting from Euro 5,000. 

Create your Alpha online Term Deposit with Bonus in just 5 minutes, through e-Banking, earn Bonus points and redeem them choosing from the list of attractive offers of the Bonus Loyalty Programme.

Hundreds of products and services are available at the 4,000 Bonus Programme affiliated Merchants, in order to redeem your Bonus points in:

  • air tickets
  • fuels
  • mobile telecommunication products 
  • apparel and household goods
  • electrical appliances and electronic goods
  • insurance. 

Alpha online Term Deposit with Bonus


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