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Discover the digital wallets offered by Alpha Bank and simplify your everyday life

With the digital wallets offered by Alpha Bank, you can carry out your everyday
transactions using your smartphone or smartwatch.
Add your Mastercard and Visa cards issued by Alpha Bank
to the digital wallet that best meets your own needs
and discover the benefits of a modern payment method.

All you need is your iPhone!

Add today your Alpha Bank Mastercard and Visa cards to Apple Pay, so that you can pay for your purchases at contactless POS terminals without having to enter your card’s PIN. 

All you need to have with you is your iPhone or Apple Watch!
Have an iPhone or Apple Watch?

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For contactless transactions with your Android device

Alpha Bank now brings to you the Google Pay digital wallet! Discover the easy and secure payment method available to all holders of Mastercard and Visa cards from Alpha Bank, who also use Android devices.

Use Google Pay in millions of businesses. Pay in apps, shop online and complete easily and quickly your purchases in stores, restaurants, petrol stations and anywhere the contactless sign is displayed!

Get the Google Pay digital wallet! Google PlayAppStore

Smart payments with your smartwatch!

Love sports and technology? Never part with your Garmin smartwatch? If so, then Garmin Pay by Alpha Bank is ideal for you.

Garmin Pay by Alpha Bank is the new innovative way for sport and technology enthusiasts to make payments easily and securely, without having to carry any cash or a wallet, card or mobile phone.

Activate Garmin Pay!

With Xiaomi Pay you complete your payments faster than ever

With Xiaomi Pay and Mi Smart Band 6 NFC, your daily transactions are easier and faster than ever, without carrying your card or mobile phone.

You easily add your debit, credit or prepaid Mastercard card to Xiaomi Pay and pay everywhere with your band. Activate Xiaomi Pay