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About alerts

What are Alpha alerts?

Alpha alerts are notifications sent to you by Alpha Bank in real time, every time you:

  • Shop using your card.
  • Withdraw cash within your card credit limit (cash advance).
  • Withdraw cash from your account at ΑΤΜs in Greece or abroad.
  • Carry out transactions using e-Banking.

You can choose between Viber/SMS or email notifications.

What is the fee for Alpha alerts?

Depending on the product:

  • Cards – €1/month for each card.
  • Accounts – No charge emails notifications. €1.90/month for SMS/Viber notifications, provided you receive a minimum of 1 text message within the month. One fee applies for all your linked accounts.
  • e-Banking transactions – No charge.

Find out more about Alpha alerts.

Can I activate Alpha alerts on all my Alpha Bank cards?

Yes, you can activate Alpha alerts on all your personal cards:

  • Through myAlpha Web.
  • Over the phone on +302103260000.

If you are the main card holder, you can also activate this service on additional cards. You can specify different mobile phone numbers and email addresses for the alerts on each card.

You cannot activate alerts on business cards.

If I lose my card, will Alpha alerts be activated on the new card?

Yes. No action is necessary on your part.

The service is updated automatically when a new card is issued due to theft/loss/change. You will be getting alerts for your new card soon.

My contact information has changed. How can I update it for Alpha alerts?

Through myAlpha Web or myAlpha Mobile you can change the phone number and email address on which you receive alerts:

Settings > Manage alerts > Cards > Edit

I used my card or account, but I did not receive an alert. Why is that?

This may have happened for a number of reasons. For example:

  • There was a technical issue with your telecommunications service provider.
  • The inbox on your email account or mobile phone was full.
  • The message went to the Spam folder because Alpha Bank has not been included in the safe sender list.
  • Your mobile phone reception was poor.

It is also possible that you have chosen to pause alerts during specific hours. If you carry out a transaction during these hours, you receive the SMS/Viber notification afterwards. 

Can I customise the alerts I get?

Yes. You can:

  • Set a minimum amount for alerts.
  • Pause alerts during specific hours.

Log in to myAlpha Web: Settings > Manage alerts > Cards > Edit


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