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Digital Assistant (Chatbot) Service Terms of Use

Alpha Bank’s website provides adult users (aged over 18 years old) who are natural persons, with a free, informative, query-solving digital assistant (chatbot) service. Please read the following Digital Assistant (Chatbot) Service Terms of Use carefully, as well as the privacy notice concerning processing of your personal data, which is included below, and accept them before you use this Service.

By accessing the Service each time it is used, users expressly and unreservedly declare that they have examined, understood the Terms, that they fully accept them, and acknowledge that they are bound by them.

If they do not accept the Terms or are aged under 18, users are obliged to stop using the Service and to refrain from using it in the future.

A. Description of the Service

By exchanging messages via the Service, the user receives information directly in real time about how to navigate the website and e-Banking, as well as answers to questions relating to communication with the Bank and about its products and services. The Service may be used in either Greek or English.

Use of the Digital Assistant (Chatbot) Service presupposes unreserved and full acceptance of the Terms of Use of the website as well as these Terms.

Where there is any discrepancy between these Terms and the Terms of Use of the website, these Terms prevail since they are more specific.

The Bank is entitled to amend these Terms at any time without notice, by posting the most recent ones on its website. It may also terminate users’ ability to use the Service in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, at its unfettered discretion, simply by informing them about this via its website.

When providing information via the Service, the Bank may direct users to special links to obtain information about its products and services. In that case, before using the product or service, the user must accept the special terms in effect from time to time.

The Service is designed in such a way that it operates individually for each user personally and while being used by a specific user, it does not allow interference from or parallel use thereof by another third-party user.

B. Processing of personal data

The processing and protection of the Service user's personal data is governed by these Terms, the Bank's Privacy Policy and the provisions of the relevant European and Greek legislation on the protection of personal data.

The Bank – as data controller – collects and processes the following personal data in order to allow it to provide the Service:

i) The IP address and other technical characteristics such as the operating system and the software on the device via which the user accesses the Service (the retention period for that data is stated in the Cookies Policy on the Bank's main website)

ii) Questions submitted by users via the chatbot and the relevant answers, along with the submission times (date and time); this data is retained for a period of 6 months

The purpose for which the Bank processes data as above is:

As far as data in point (i) is concerned, to ensure the security and uninterrupted operation of the chatbot such as protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks; here the legal basis for processing is the Bank's legal obligation and legitimate interest in safeguarding the chatbot.

As far as the data in point (ii) is concerned, to enable answers to be provided to the questions the user poses to the chatbot and to improve and better the level of service provided as well as the chatbot, and other Bank products and services; here the legal basis for processing is the Bank's legitimate interest, which clearly takes precedence over the rights of users, who assume no obligation.

Users of the Service are reminded that they should not enter their own personal data, and above all numerical data such as account or card numbers, transaction amounts, account balances, passwords, etc. on systems and applications, nor special categories of data such as data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership in trade unions, or health-related data. The above data is not required for the operation of the Service and the chatbot, will not be further processed, and will be deleted.

Where the user provides the personal data of third parties, the user will be presumed to have informed those persons beforehand and obtained their consent, if such consent is necessary. 
The Bank uses artificial intelligence (AI) as part of the service provided and for operation of the relevant application, but does not engage in automated decision-making or profiling based on the data being processed.

The recipients of personal data may be the Bank's competent employees in the context of their duties, companies in the Alpha Bank Group and Alpha Services and Holdings, and any other recipients referred to in the Privacy Policy for the purpose of ensuring the security of the application and to improve the Service and the products and services the Bank offers.

To exercise rights relating to the protection of personal data, the particulars of the Controller and Data Protection Officer and other information relating to the processing and protection of data, the user may consult the Privacy Policy which is posted on the Bank's main website.

C. How users should behave

The Service must be used exclusively for lawful purposes and in a manner which does not limit or prevent use of the Service by third parties. Users are obliged to comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and international law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and to refrain from any unlawful and abusive conduct which could have impacts on other users and cause the malfunctioning of the Service or harm to it, and consequently to the Bank. In these cases the Bank is entitled to refuse to share information and data with the user.

Users are obliged to refrain from exchanging messages whose content is unlawful and immoral, defames the Bank or its officers, or is misleading about their identity. The content of such messages and the relevant information and data are the product of the user's own will, relate to them and are their exclusive responsibility. Via the Service the Bank cannot check the accuracy and legitimacy of all content of messages posted and transmitted by the user, and cannot be deemed to accept or endorse in any manner the personal ideas and views expressed by any user via the Service nor can it be deemed to be responsible for acts or omissions or for any harm or damage caused to any third party.

It is also prohibited without the Bank's prior written consent to amend, publish, transmit, transfer, reproduce, distribute, present or otherwise use and exploit the content of the Service in any manner or way for commercial or other purposes, otherwise the user accepts that they shall be liable to compensate the Bank and make restitution of any loss suffered by it.

Where the Bank becomes involved in any dispute or is called upon to pay any manner of compensation to third parties on grounds due to breach of the user's obligations referred to above, the user shall be obliged to compensate the Bank on this ground.

D. Availability of the Service and limitation of liability

The Bank shall only provide via the Service information about its own products and services offered from time to time. The Bank does not warrant the availability of, uninterrupted use of, or access to the Service. In addition, without providing a warranty in this regard, and consequently without being liable, the Bank shall make concerted efforts to ensure that the information provided via the Service reflects questions posed by users and is complete, accurate, up-to-date, correct, suitable and clear. However, under no circumstances, including negligence under the law, shall the Bank be liable for errors, omissions or any shortcomings relating to such information, for delays or interruptions or inability to transmit information, or for any loss incurred by the user due to use of that information.

Information provided via the Digital Assistant (Chatbot) Service does not constitute financial, legal or other advice, encouragement or exhortation to enter into any investment or other transaction and the Bank bears no liability for use of the Service by users who act on their own initiative. Moreover, the furnishing of information which was requested does not entail any commitment on the Bank’s part to provide the relevant product or service.

The user acknowledges that the Bank does not warrant and is not liable in the case, information is provided via the Service through third-party applications and websites, both for the authenticity and quality of the information content and for the operation of the applications.

The user acknowledges that during the chat session, the Service will never ask them to disclose personal data such as account and card details, PINs and passwords for Bank or third-party services. If a message with such content appears, the user must ignore it and immediately inform the Bank by calling on +302103260000 or using any other reasonable means.

The user is exclusively responsible for having the necessary hardware (such as a personal computer, mobile phone), software, telecommunications equipment and any other services needed to access the Service. Users are also responsible for protecting their own system from viruses and other malware and for ensuring they have selected the necessary security and privacy settings.

E. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Greece and the courts of Athens shall be competent to resolve all disputes arising from use of these Terms.