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Buy the house of your dreams today with the Alpha Bank Housing Loans

Alpha Bank finances the purchase of a home or other property, either for your own use or as an investment.

In addition, Alpha Housing Loans provide financing for the purchase of a plot, the construction, extension, completion or repair of a building while allowing you to transfer a housing loan from another bank.

Choose any Alpha Housing Loan and be a winner:

  • We offer financing which, amounts to 80% of the property value and up to 100% of the purchase contract value
  • Immediate disbursement upon completion of the mortgage prenotation process.
  • Repayment flexibility and many other privileges

Frequent questions

Which loan should I choose depending on my housing needs?

For any housing need: Alpha Residence. This loan will help you buy a house or plot (ripe for development) and also build, finish or repair your home. You can choose a fixed or floating interest rate and request a low start period. Find out if Alpha Residence is right for you.

To renovate your home: Alpha Residence Renovation When you are doing small-scale renovations, you can take out a floating interest rate loan, without the need for a mortgage lien, through very fast financing procedures. Find out if Alpha Residence Renovationis right for you.

To buy an energy efficient home or carry out an energy upgrade: Alpha Green Solutions – Energy Saving Home You can choose a fixed or floating interest rate. Find out if Alpha Green Solutions – Energy Saving Home is right for you.

Which interest rate should I choose?

The one that best fits your needs. If you wish to:

  • Ensure a fixed monthly instalment for a specific period, you can choose a fixed interest rate.
  • Follow the market trends, you can choose a floating interest rate. In this case, the amount of the instalment will increase or decrease every month, depending on the interest rates.

How do I find out if my loan has been approved?

  • At the branch where you applied.
  • Via SMS at the number you wrote in your application.
  • Via email if you have applied online for a consumer loan.