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Alpha Residence Renovation

Redesign your house so that it meets your latest needs, improve the ergonomics and aesthetics of your property and enjoy the benefits of a modernised residence.

Renovate completely your residence and benefit from the premium financing offered by the housing loan “Alpha Residence Renovation”.

Instalment calculator

Get a better image of your monthly budget, by calculating the monthly instalment of your loan. We reassure you that the data you enter in the following fields are not recorded in our archives.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between a fixed and a floating interest rate?

A fixed interest rate does not change throughout a specified period, agreed upon from the beginning. Especially with consumer loans, its remains fixed throughout the term of the loan.

A floating interest rate follows the changes of the base rate, leading to a corresponding change in the amount of your instalment.

Which interest rate should I choose?

The one that best fits your needs. If you wish to:

  • Ensure a fixed monthly instalment for a specific period, you can choose a fixed interest rate.
  • Follow the market trends, you can choose a floating interest rate. In this case, the amount of the instalment will increase or decrease every month, depending on the interest rates.

How do I find out if my loan has been approved?

  • At the branch where you applied.
  • Via SMS at the number you wrote in your application.
  • Via email if you have applied online for a consumer loan.

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