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Use the Payment Adjustment Plan of Alpha Housing Loans to adjust the instalment of your housing loan at any time, in case of temporary financial difficulties.

Forget the stress and meet your financial liabilities on time by choosing one of the alternative repayment facilities for your housing loan.

You just specify the way, in case you need temporary facilitation:

  • If during a month you have more expenses:
    You can skip the instalment of your housing loan for that particular month and add it to the remaining instalments. 
  • If your financial needs are increased during a period, you can:
    • either reduce the instalment of your housing loan up to 50% 
    • or pay only the interest proportionate to your balance.

The options of instalment adjustment are provided for performing loans and for a specific period.

If changes in your income are of a more permanent nature, you can ask for a change in the term of the loan and set your instalment at the amount you want, on a permanent basis.

Moreover, you can combine the options of the plan with the change in the loan term to benefit directly and secure a lower instalment in the future.