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About logging into e-Banking?

What credentials do I need for e-Banking?

There are 2 different types of credentials:


This is the Username you need to sign in:

  • If you sign up online, you create it yourself.
  • If you sign up at a branch, you provide one for you. However, you can change your Username through myAlpha Web or myAlpha Mobile: Settings > Security settings > Change Username.

In both cases, the 15-digit Username created for each user remains valid. You can find it in the Profile section on myAlpha Web or myAlpha Mobile.

If you have forgotten your Username, you can easily recover it.


This is the Password you need to sign in:

  • If you sign up online, you create it yourself.
  • If your sign up at a branch, you will receive an email containing a series of numbers, and a separate SMS informing you which places in the series correspond to your Password digits. You need to combine the information from the 2 messages to create the Password. In this case, you will need to change it as soon as you log in for the first time.

If you forget your Password, you can easily recover it.

Can I change my e-Banking Username and/or Password?


  • On your computer, through myAlpha Web: Settings > Security settings > Change credentials.
  • On your mobile phone, through myAlpha Mobile: Profile > Security settings > Change Username or Change Password.

You can only change the alias Username you have created yourself. Your original 15-digit Username we originally provide you with is still valid and cannot be changed.

For more secure transactions, we ask you to change your Password every 6 months. However, we recommend that you change it even more often than that.

I have forgotten my Username. What should I do?

You can recover your Username online, as long as you have an Alpha Bank credit, debit or prepaid card and you have registered your mobile phone number and your email address with Alpha Bank.

Alternatively, you can call us on +30210326000 and we will provide it for you.

I have forgotten/blocked my Password. What should I do?

You can recover your Password online, as long as you have registered your email address and mobile phone number with Alpha Bank. To recover your Password online, you will need your Username, i.e., either your 15-digit Username we originally provide you with or the alias you created yourself.

If you cannot remember your Username, you can easily recover it online or by calling us on +302103260000.

Why do I get a message that I have exceeded the maximum number of connected devices? What should I do?

You can connect up to 10 devices to your e-Banking account.

If you get this message, log into your myAlpha Web and choose Settings > Security settings > Connected devices. Delete some of the devices on that list so that they do not exceed the limit of 10.

If the list already has fewer than 10 devices, call us on +302103260000 and we will delete any devices that may not appear on the list.

I already have myAlpha Web credentials. Does this mean I can also use myAlpha Mobile?

Yes. Your existing e-Banking credentials are also valid for myAlpha Mobile.

  1. Download and install myAlpha Mobile on your mobile phone:

  2. Enter your e-Banking credentials (Username and Password) to log in.
  3. Create a 4-digit PIN for quick access to the app and faster transactions. At this step, you can opt to use biometrics (fingerprint or Face ID) as you would use your PIN.

This process automatically activates Push Notifications, and directly links your device to your e-Banking account.

About the home screen (Overview)

What can I do through the Overview screen?

The Overview is the myAlpha Web homepage, where you can find key information on all your accounts and cards.

Specifically, you can use this page to:

Manage your products

  • Get an overview of your banking products, even those you have with other banks.
  • Place your products in your preferred viewing order.
  • Add or remove products.
  • Access favourite transactions and handy functions.


  • Easily access a user-friendly menu for each product.
  • Choose to view the products with or without the respective financial information.
  • Find help for each page you need to use.
  • Change your screen view to dark mode.

Get the news hassle-free

  • Navigate to your Messages to timely access news about our digital networks, products and services that meet your needs, and important announcements.
  • View your tax deductions.
  • Get an overview of your Bonus points.

How can I choose which products appear in the Overview?

Use the “Visibility settings” located right under the Accounts section. You must have the right to update each product.

You can view up to 10 products per category. If you cannot view a product, you may have opted to hide the product.

I saved a transaction in my saved transactions. Why does it not appear in the Overview?

Only the first 12 saved transactions appear in the My transactions section of the Overview.

You can change the viewing order from the menu: Transfers & Payments > Saved Transactions > Change order. Change the viewing order by dragging and dropping products with your mouse.

I just added a product to myAlpha Web. Why does it not appear in the Overview?

Choose Profile > Profile settings to check whether the product has been added and choose whether it will appear in the Overview.

Note that any investment products will appear within 5 working days after you have submitted your request. Alpha Finance takes about 10 working days to appear.

What can I find in the Messages section?

The Messages section is available on myAlpha Mobile and myAlpha Web to inform you about matters that are relevant to your banking needs.

It includes news on products and services that meet your needs, along with important announcements from the bank. Notifications like the one in the image below indicate new messages.

About managing your products

I already bank with Alpha Bank. Can I open an account through my mobile phone?

No. You must visit any Alpha Bank branch and provide:

  • Your ID card or passport.
  • Your most recent income tax clearance certificate with your current home address.

Your registered phone number must also be up to date on our system. You can update it online through e-Banking or provide a recent phone bill when you visit the branch.

How can I manage my products through myAlpha Web?

For all products, you can use myAlpha Web to:

  • Give any name to your products.
  • Choose whether a product will appear in the Overview, and in what order.
  • Delete and add products to your e-Banking.
  • Mark products as Favourites for quick access.

You can also use myAlpha Mobile to save frequent payments and transfers so that they are easier to find.

How can I add products to myAlpha Web?

Just navigate to the menu corresponding to the product type you want to add and click on “Add other product”:

  • Account
  • Card
  • Loan
  • Investment

To do this, strong authentication is required.

If you want, you can call us on +302103260000, daily from 08:00 to 22:30, to add products over phone.

What are my card management options on myAlpha Web?

You can fully manage your debit, credit and prepaid cards:

For your security

For your transactions

  • Change the daily purchase limit on your debit cards.
  • Change the daily cash withdrawal limit on your credit and debit cards.
  • Top up your prepaid cards or remove funds from them.
  • Transfer Bonus points to other card holders.

Which digital wallets can I add my Alpha Bank cards to through myAlpha Mobile?

You can add all your Alpha Bank cards to:

  • myAlpha Wallet
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Wallet
  • Garmin Pay
  • Xiaomi Pay (Mastercard only)

All you have to do is log into myAlpha Mobile, find your card information and tap on the relevant icon.

I cannot find my new card on myAlpha Web. How can I add it?

  1. Scroll down on the home screen (Overview). Under “Credit and Prepaid Cards” and “Loyalty Programme”, select “Add another product”. 
  2. Click on “Alpha Bank”. 
  3. Select “Card” from the drop-down list. 
  4. Type your card number. 
  5. Click on “Add”. 

How can I get information about my Alpha Private Banking and Alpha Gold Personal Banking portfolios?

Use the Investments menu on myAlpha Mobile and myAlpha Web.

You can always use myAlpha Phone to contact us by phone.

About locating your account details

Can I check what my account balance was on a specific date?


About getting products online

What products can I get online through Alpha Bank’s e-Banking?

You can navigate to the New products section on myAlpha Web to get online:

  • Alpha Smart Save account.
  • myAlpha Quick Loan consumer loan.
  • Cheque book.
  • Alpha Bank Enter Visa/Bonus Visa, Alpha Bank Enter Mastercard/Bonus Mastercard debit cards.
  • Alpha Bank Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Aegean Bonus Visa credit card. 
  • Alpha Online Time Deposit and Alpha Online Time Deposit with Bonus.
  • ALPHA Credit Protection and ALPHA Credit Protection Plus credit card repayment insurance plans.

You can also use myAlpha Mobile on your smartphone to apply for:

  • myAlpha Quick Loan consumer loan.
  • Alpha Bank Enter Visa/Bonus Visa, Alpha Bank Enter Mastercard/Bonus Mastercard debit cards.
  • Aegean Bonus Visa credit card. 

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