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About Google Pay in general

Is there a fee for Google Pay?

No. You can add your Visa or Mastercard for free,  and carry out transactions at no extra cost. 

What cards can I add to Google Pay?

You can add any Alpha Bank debit, credit or prepaid Visa or Mastercard, as long as you have received the actual card. 

There is no limit to the number of cards you can add.  

How can I add a card to Google Pay?

Through the Google Pay app, by following the on-screen instructions.  

Alternatively, you can use myAlpha Mobile: In the “Cards” section, tap on the “Add to G Pay” icon and confirm using your 4-digit PIN or biometrics.

Can I also add my smartwatch to Google Pay?

Yes, as long as your smartwatch is NFC ready and runs on Wear OS 2.15 or later.  

To add a card on your smartwatch, access Google Pay and follow the on-screen instructions.  

What is a digital account number or token?

It is the digital number/token assigned to your card when you link it to Google Pay.  

This number also appears on the POS receipt. 

Your actual card number does not appear anywhere. This allows you to shop securely  in-store or online. 

About paying with Google Pay

How do I pay with Google Pay?

Choose your card on the Wallet and bring your mobile close to the POS. 

In some cases, including high-value transactions, you may have to unlock your device. 

Once the transaction is complete, Google will send a push notification to your device. You will also receive a POS receipt. 

The POS used for the transaction must support contactless transactions

How can I choose the card I need if I have added more than 1 card?

Through the Google Pay app, even during a transaction.  

Do I need an active data connection to shop in-store?

No, this is not necessary.  

Do I reap the same rewards on my cards when using Google Pay?

Yes, you are rewarded for transactions you make with all Alpha Bank Visa and Mastercard cards using Google Pay, according to the loyalty programme your card participates in: Bonus, Affinity or Energy.

Can I redeem my Bonus points when using Google Pay?

Yes, when you make transactions with Bonus Cards through Google Pay, you redeem Bonus Points, just like when you use your card.

About your protection

I’ve lost the card I added to Google Pay. What should I do?

Report a lost card on myAlpha Web or by calling on +302103260000. 

Google Pay will automatically update to the new card information if you opt for a replacement. 

I’ve lost my device. What should I do?

Call us on +302103260000 and we will remove your cards from Google Pay.  

What should I do if I get another device or reinstall the app?

You will have to add your cards again.  

Before getting another device, remember to remove your cards from Google Pay on your old device.