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Before taking out a mortgage loan

Which loan should I choose depending on my housing needs?

For any housing need: Alpha Residence. This loan will help you buy a house or plot (ripe for development) and also build, finish or repair your home. You can choose a fixed or floating interest rate and request a low start period. Find out if Alpha Residence is right for you.

To renovate your home: Alpha Residence Renovation When you are doing small-scale renovations, you can take out a floating interest rate loan, without the need for a mortgage lien, through very fast financing procedures. Find out if Alpha Residence Renovationis right for you.

To buy an energy efficient home or carry out an energy upgrade: Alpha Green Solutions – Energy Saving Home You can choose a fixed or floating interest rate. Find out if Alpha Green Solutions – Energy Saving Home is right for you.

How do I apply for a mortgage loan?

Visit an Alpha Bank branch.

Are there any requirements to apply for a mortgage loan?

To apply for a mortgage loan, you must have:

  • Sufficient income for the amount you want to get.
  • Low existing borrowing.
  • Satisfactory credit rating with existing products.

You also have to be:

  • Over 18 years old.
  • Up to 75 years old at loan maturity.

Will I pay any fees for my mortgage loan?

Yes, you will be paying fees to Alpha Bank and third parties.

Alpha Bank fees

€430 for processing the application.

€420 for the property due diligence.

€359.60 for our lawyer, who will register the mortgage lien.

€120 for each works certification, in case of a loan with multiple disbursements.

Third party fees

0.775% or 0.875% (+VAT) on the mortgage lien amount, to register the mortgage lien at the Land Registry or the National Cadastre, correspondingly.

€60-80 (+VAT) approximately to issue the relevant certificates.

€15 (+VAT) per National Cadastre Code Number (KAEK) to issue the Cadastral Diagram Extract.

€35 per right to declare the mortgage lien rights to the National Cadastre (or €20 for storage rooms / parking spaces that form individual properties).

What is a grace period?

The option to pay only the interest at the beginning of your loan.

he grace period may last up to:

  • 24 months for mortgage loans.
  • 12 months for consumer loans with collateral.

What is a low start?

The option to pay a lower instalment at the beginning of your loan.

With the low start, you may pay up to 50% less than the regular instalment, for up to 24 months.

When the low start period expires, regular instalments are paid.

Can I get both a low start and a grace period?

Yes. The low start applies after the grace period.

However, the grace period and the low start period may not exceed 4 years and 20% of the total loan term.

What do I gain with the Energy Saving Home programme?

A lower interest rate, depending on the energy efficiency class of your home. More specifically, you get a discount on the floating interest rate spread:

  • -0.20% for B+ energy efficiency class.
  • -0.30% for A energy efficiency class.
  • -0.40% for A+ energy efficiency class.

Find out more about the Energy Saving Home programme.