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How we protect you

The safety of your transactions is our priority. This is why we always seek out and apply cutting-edge methods to protect your transactions and data. Using state-of-the-art systems, additional access security levels and regular updates, we try to make your transactions as secure as possible.

Controlled access and data encryption

We use dedicated security systems to monitor and record every attempt to access our systems. This is how we prevent any unauthorised access or action.

At the same time, we use special, automated systems to encrypt all the data exchanged during every transaction (TLS method). This is how we protect your privacy and secure your data.

Passwords and strong authentication

You can change your Password  at any time. As one can never be too safe, though, we ask you for an obligatory Password change every 6 months. Your e-Banking locks automatically in case of several incorrect passwords entered in a row.

What is more, strong customer authentication is necessary to complete all your online transactions. This means we ask you to confirm your transaction using 2 or more types of information or data that only you know, or that are unique to your person:

  • The 4-digit PIN you use to log into myAlpha Mobile.
  • Your mobile phone.
  • Your myAlpha Code.
  • Biometric identification (fingerprint or Face ID).

These types of information or data are used independently from each other. A security breach in one does not jeopardise the security of the rest. What is more, the authentication process is designed to protect the confidentiality of the authentication data.

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Additional mechanism to confirm online transactions

To boost your protection against the threat of online fraud, we implement an additional warning mechanism, which requires a 2nd confirmation via Push Notification, myAlpha Code or email before your transaction can be completed.

This mechanism is activated for certain transactions, such as when you increase your daily transfer limit or when we detect unusual activity on myAlpha Web or myAlpha Mobile.

Automatic logout

Forgetting to log out is always a possibility, but it can pose a risk, especially when using a public computer. This is why you are automatically logged out of your myAlpha Web and myAlpha Mobile if you have been logged in but not active for 15 minutes.

Maximum limit on cash transfers

For an extra security boost, there is a maximum daily limit on your cash transfers.

If you wish, you can change your daily cash transfer limit through myAlpha Web.

Transaction and activity notifications

To get the best possible protection level, you can opt to receive Alpha alerts through email and/or SMS for transactions and/or other actions you carry out using our online services.

If you use myAlpha Mobile, you can also receive Push Notifications every time a change is made to your security settings and transactions are carried out with your cards or through your e-Banking.

If you receive any notification that does not correspond to a transaction or activity you have carried out, call us immediately on +302103260000. After listening to the recording, say “suspicion of fraud” and your call will be immediately directed to an Alpha Bank employee.

For fraud-related issues, our helpline is available 24/7.

Partnership with competent authorities

Online fraud is a wider issue. To prevent it in a proactive manner, multiple parties need to work together.

The Hellenic Bank Association has put together a dedicated committee to prevent and fight fraud on payment media and systems. The committee coordinates the joint efforts of the Association, the Hellenic Police Cyber Crime Unit and the Bank of Greece, and works with other competent organisations in Greece and abroad on a regular basis.

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