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About safe deposit boxes

What is a safe deposit box, and how does it work?

A safe deposit box is a box within a bank branch’s vault, where you can safely store valuables. Only you know what the contents of your safe deposit box are, and you do not disclose this information to the bank. 

You may access the safe deposit box at any time during the branch working hours. You have total privacy when you access your safe deposit box. 

For security reasons: 

  • We ascertain your identity before you can access your safe deposit box, and we record your visit on our log. 
  • You need 2 keys to open the safe deposit box: your own and one more key kept at the branch.

What is the size and cost of safe deposit boxes?

Safe deposit boxes come in different sizes, from very small to double extra large. During your visit to the branch to rent a safe deposit box, you can see the options and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

We will also inform you about the annual rental fee for the safe deposit box of your choice. The fee depends on box size and branch location.

How can I rent a safe deposit box?

Visit a branch near you that offers safe deposit box services

Choose your safe deposit box among the available options. 

Pay the annual rental fee through your account. We also withhold an amount equal to 1 full annual fee on your account. 

To rent a safe deposit box: 

  • You must hold an account with Alpha Bank. 
  • Your details must be fully up-to-date. 

If you don’t bank with Alpha Bank, you must first open an account. Book an appointment at a branch near you and bring all the required supporting documents.