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What we mean by digital voice

Digital voice is the way we speak in the digital world. It reflects our identity and everything we stand for. And words are the way to get these across. This is why we meticulously select each word we use in our digital channels.

Every word matters

Our own digital voice

We are people and we address people. This is why we speak as if we are having an actual conversation with the users on our digital channels, meaning:

  • Informal yet polite.
  • With specific, not redundant info.
  • With a positive stance and outlook.

Practically, this means that we make sure to write using:

  • Simple, easy-to-understand language.
  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Respect.
  • Empathy.

Our voice is consistent at all times and across all channels. However, we adjust our tone depending on:

  • Who we are addressing.
  • The context in which we are addressing them.
digital voice
digital voice

Our communication goals

Through the content we create for our digital channels, we aim to:

Turn our purpose and values into action

We are one step ahead and meet our customers’ needs even before they arise.

Offer a seamless digital banking experience

We simplify complexity. Our content facilitates navigation and is easily understood.

Become the bank of choice in the digital world

We place people at the core. We listen to their needs and build trust. We support our customers through tips and tools.


The rules we follow

To achieve uniformity and consistency in our content, we have agreed on a set of rules and preferences. We have brought them all together in a Styleguide and apply them every time we create content for each of our digital channels.

This way, we ensure that our content:

  • Reflects our values.
  • Expresses our digital voice.
  • Achieves our communication goals.
  • Matches our identity.
  • Makes proper use of language.
  • Follows digital copywriting best practices.
digital voice