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Find the answers you need

Have you lost your card and need immediate help? Do you have questions about one of our products or services?

It’s fast and easy to receive assistance from our digital assistant any time of the day or night. Simply open the chat window, tell our digital assistant what you’re looking for, and it will gather all the information you need.

Get to know our digital assistant

Where to find it

The digital assistant icon is located in the Support Centre section, on the bottom left of your screen, with the prompt “Hello! How can I help?”.

Once you click/tap on the icon, a chat window appears. After you accept the terms of use, you can start chatting with our digital assistant.

What it can help you with

Our digital assistant can provide fast answers to FAQs that fall within the following 7 key sections:

  • Immediate help
  • e-Banking
  • Cards
  • Loans
  • Pocket money online
  • Secure transactions
  • Contact us

How you chat with it

You can chat with our digital assistant in 2 ways:

  • Choose one of the 7 key sections and then the category you’re interested in, depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Write your question directly as a text message. Just make sure you keep your question or statement simple and to the point.

No matter which way you choose, our digital assistant will answer in a flash and give you the information you need.

How it works

Our digital assistant is an artificial intelligence application developed by Moveo AI. It uses Large Language Models to offer you personalised service at every step of your banking experience. This way, it helps you make the most out of our products and services through a simple chat.

And the best part? It’s here for you 24/7!