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Calculate your monthly instalment

Choose an amount up to €5,000 and a loan term up to 60 months to calculate your monthly instalment*.

If you receive your salary at Alpha Bank, find out how your monthly instalment changes.

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*These calculations are examples based on a 15.00% fixed annual interest rate and 0.60% Law 128/75 levy. The instalment example does not bind the Bank to grant a loan, neither does it constitute a customised pricing offer. Each loan application is subject to Alpha Bank’s prior approval. For more information on the instalments and the other features of the loan, you may read the pre-contractual Information sent to your email.

Through your mobile or computer in 3 steps

To apply for a myAlpha Quick Loan consumer loan you must hold an account with Alpha Bank and have e-Banking credentials.


  • Tap on Get the myAlpha Quick Loan on the home screen (Overview) of myAlpha Mobile or
  • choose myAlpha Quick Loan in myAlpha Web New Products.

Fill in the application

Choose amount, term and the account where you want us to deposit the loan amount. Accept the pre-contractual information and we will send it to you on your email.

Answer 3 short questions: where you live (privately-owned home, rental, etc.), how long you’ve been living there and how long you’ve been working for the same employer.

We instantly assess your application inform you of the result. Instant assessment is available 06:00-22:00. If you submit your application 22:00-06:00, we receive your application and inform you of the result in the morning, so as to continue the process.

Sign the agreement digitally

Provided your application has been approved, you digitally sign the agreement with a 6-digit passcode you receive on your mobile. Right after, we send you your loan agreement on your email. The agreement is also available at your e-Banking.

You have 3 days to sign the agreement. Once 3 days have elapsed, the application is cancelled and you need to start over.

Get the money in your account

We immediately deposit the amount of the consumer loan in the account you have chosen.

We automatically collect the €70 application fees as soon as the amount is deposited.

Log into myAlpha Web
Log in using your e-Banking credentials. Find myAlpha Quick Loan under New Products in myAlpha Web and apply in just a few minutes.

Frequent questions

I receive my salary at Alpha Bank. What is the interest rate for the loan?

If you apply by 30.06.2024, you secure 12,00% fixed interest rate, i.e. 3% lower than the normal myAlpha Quick Loan interest rate.

I haven’t updated my details. What should I do?

You can update your details easily online, from your mobile or computer.

Find out all the ways you can update your details.

Can I stop midway through my application and continue with it later?

Yes, provided you have submitted your application. All information you have entered is saved and you may pick up the process later.

If your loan is approved, you have 3 days to create a digital signature and sign the loan agreement. Once 3 days have elapsed, the application is cancelled and you need to start over.

I bank with Alpha Bank, but I don’t have e-Banking credentials. What should I do?

You can easily get e-Banking credentials through your mobile, without having to visit a branch.

Download the myAlpha Mobile app: