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Popular questions about insurance plans

Which insurance plans can I apply for online?

  • Alpha Credit Protection to get credit insurance through myAlpha Web.
  • Alpha Safe Auto to insure your car through the online platform.

Does my car insurance policy provide coverage when I travel abroad?

Yes, as long as you have had a Green Card issued.

Apply online to get a Green Card issued.

Can I get home insurance if I am renting?

You can insure your home contents with the Alpha Safe Home insurance plan.

How do I estimate the value of my home contents?

According to your actual needs:

  • €35,000 or €65,000 for homes up to 130 square metres.
  • €65,000 or €100,000 for homes larger than 130 square metres.

For example, if you are renting a 90 sqm home and you estimate the contents at €52,000, you should get coverage for €65,000 to be on the safe side.