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About the offers

What makes the Bonus loyalty programme special?

Bonus is the most inclusive loyalty programme, rewarding you on a regular basis for using Bonus cards when you shop:

  • Collect points whenever you shop using Bonus cards.
  • Redeem your points at 4,000 merchants participating in the programme and meet all your need in everyday products, housewares, clothing, plane tickets, fuel, insurance, online takeaway, home appliances and electronics, and mobile services.
  • Get amazing offers with our premium plus merchants (AB Vassilopoulos, Aegean, ΒΡ, Vodafone, Hertz, attica, Natural Gas, Generali, Hondos Center, BOX, Kotsovolos) and thousands more businesses.
  • Find new offers that cater to your every need and desire.
  • Gather all the points from all your cards in 1 My Bonus account  to better manage your rewards.

What is Bonus Exclusive?

Bonus Exclusive is an additional Bonus point redemption service provided with:

  • Gold Enter Bonus Mastercard
  • Private Enter Bonus Mastercard
  • Platinum Bonus Mastercard
  • Alpha Bank Bonus Visa Gold
  • Alpha Bank Bonus Mastercard Gold
  • Diners Club Prestige
  • Diners Club Prestige Vodafone

Find out how to redeem your points for products and services available through the Bonus Exclusive programme.


Which businesses participate in the Bonus loyalty programme?

More than 4,000 merchants have partnered with us in the Bonus loyalty programme to cover your every need.

Search for the business you are interested in by name or by product and service category.

How do I find out about the latest offers and how long they last?

Online, in the Bonus section of the Alpha Bank website or using your Bonus app.

Some offers are also advertised:

  • On your monthly credit card statement.

Offers usually last for a while. However, in case of limited-time offers or offers on specific items while stocks last, such conditions are mentioned in the relevant ads. 


About card fees

The Alpha Bank Enter Bonus annual fee is €12. What do I get?

Free benefits and services:


Is there an annual fee on Bonus cards?

Yes. Check the terms that apply for your card in Alpha Bank’s Transaction Terms.