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Alpha online term deposit with Bonus

How can I open an Alpha online term deposit with Bonus?

  1. Log in to myAlpha Web.  
  2. On the menu, choose: New products > Investments > Alpha online term deposit with Bonus. 
  3. Specify the details for your term deposit: Term, initial capital, desired start date. 
  4. Choose the account to be linked to the term deposit. 
  5. Choose the Bonus card on which the term deposit Bonus points will be accrued. You may not choose a co-branded card (Aegean, Vodafone, Kalogirou).
  6. Click on “Next”. 
  7. Read and accept the product terms and the Personal Data Notice. 
  8. Click on “Next”. 

Your application is complete. In the confirmation message, click on “Details” to print out or save your application details. 

To track the progress of your application, go to the Dashboard and choose History > Product applications. 

How often will interest and Bonus points be credited to my account?

Every month. 

The interest amount will appear on your linked account every month, at the end of the interest period applicable for the Alpha online term deposit with Bonus

Your Bonus points will be credited to your card monthly, no longer than 5 working days after the interest has been credited.  

Do I lose my points if I terminate my Alpha online term deposit with Bonus?

No. You will not lose the points that you have already earned and have been credited to the card linked to the deposit. 

However, you will not earn any points for the month when the early termination occurred, nor the points you would normally earn if you had kept your term deposit until maturity.