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About transactions at an APS

What is an APS and what transactions does it support?

Automatic Payment Systems (APS) are located inside Alpha Bank branches and allow you to carry out various transactions without having to stand in line. You can:

  • Make payments to the government or organisations.
  • Pay your loans or credit cards.
  • Deposit cash your own or another holder’s Alpha Bank account.
  • Top up your prepaid card using cash.

You do not need to have the exact amount in cash for your transactions. The APS can give change.

Can I check my account, card or loan balance at an APS?

No, you cannot check your balances there.

When will an APS cash deposit appear on my account, credit card or loan balance?

Instantly. When you complete your transaction at an APS, your account, loan or credit card balance is automatically updated.

I want to make a deposit to another holder’s account. Will they know the deposit was made by me?

Yes. You can enter payment details during the transaction process.

You could include your name or some other payment description (up to 20 characters in Greek or Latin script). These details also appear on the transaction receipt issued by the APS.

About using an APS

What details are required to make a payment at an APS?

You only need the e-payment number. If you do not know how to find this number on your bill, the APS provides relevant on-screen information.

You can enter the number or scan the barcode, as long as you carry a physical copy of the bill to be paid.

The transaction details I entered on the APS are incorrect. What should I do?

You can ask the branch staff for help.

Can I use the APS if I do not have my card or have forgotten my PIN?

Yes. You can make any cash transaction, except for payments to government services. For payments to government services, your card is required as proof of ID.

Am I charged for the transactions I make at an APS?

This depends on the transaction:

  • Deposits and payments to Alpha Bank accounts and cards are free of charge.
  • Payments to cards issued by other banks incur a flat charge of €1 / transaction.
  • The first top-up of an Alpha Bank Prepaid Mastercard is free of charge, while all next top-ups incur a charge of 1% on the top-up amount, with a minimum charge of €1 and a maximum charge of €5.

See a detailed list of charges for bill payments and payments to organisations.