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Popular questions about branch services

What is myAlpha Rendez-vous?

Through the new myAlpha Rendez-vous you can get served quickly and easily at the branch of your choice, without having to wait.

How soon will I get a response to my request?

An officer from the branch of your choice will contact you within the day, if you have submitted your request by 12:00, otherwise within the next 24 hours, during working days and hours.

What transactions can I carry out at an ATM?

  • Cash withdrawals.
  • Payments to the government or organisations by charging your account. At most ATMs, you can pay your bills simply by scanning the barcode on them.
  • Credit card payments as well as personal and consumer loan payments by charging your account.
  • Cash deposits and transfers to your own or another holder’s Alpha Bank account.

        See which ΑΤΜs allow you to make cash deposits. 

  • Prepaid card top-ups with cash or by charging your account.
  • Account, card or loan balance checks, with an option to print out the last 10 transactions on your account.
  • Card activations and PIN changes.

What is my daily cash withdrawal limit and how can I change it?

The default withdrawal limit is €850 per card.

If you wish to change your limit, you can submit a relevant request:

  • On your computer, using myAlpha Web: Find the card on the home screen and click on the 3 dots on the right of the card. Choose Security settings.
  • On your mobile phone, using myAlpha Mobile: Find the card on the home screen and tap on it. Choose Settings > Change limits.
  • Over the phone on +302103260000.
  • By email to
  • At an Alpha Bank branch.

What is an APS and what transactions does it support?

Automatic Payment Systems (APS) are located inside Alpha Bank branches and allow you to carry out various transactions without having to stand in line. You can:

  • Make payments to the government or organisations.
  • Pay your loans or credit cards.
  • Deposit cash your own or another holder’s Alpha Bank account.
  • Top up your prepaid card using cash.

You do not need to have the exact amount in cash for your transactions. The APS can give change.

Can I withdrawal cash at ΑΤΜs abroad?

Yes, as long as your card type (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc.) is accepted.

Every time you withdraw cash at a bank ATM abroad you are charged:

  • €0.75 within the European Union.
  • 1% on the transaction amount, with a minimum charge of €4.40, outside the European Union.