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About the online application

How can I apply for a credit card?

Through e-Banking

You can apply online for an Alpha Bank Bonus Visa, Alpha Bank Bonus Mastercard, AEGEAN Bonus Visa and Affinity Mastercard from your computer through myAlpha Web or your mobile through myAlpha Mobile.

Through the Alpha Bank website

You can apply for any credit card through the Alpha Bank website:

  1. Find the card you are interested in and click on “GET THE CARD NOW”. 

  2. Find out more about the process and click on “PROCEED TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST”. 

  3. Fill in the online application form. You must fill in all your details: personal, home, work, financial and card. 

  4. Upload the necessary supporting documents. 

  5. Check your details, then type the code you see on the image at the bottom of the page. 

  6. Click on “Submit application”. 

You will see the reference number for your application. Call us on the number at the bottom of the page for any issues that may occur while submitting your application. 

To complete your application, you must upload: 

  • Your ID card (both sides). 
  • Your most recent income tax clearance certificate. 
  • A recent payslip or pension slip. 
  • A recent mobile phone bill. 

Alternatively, you can apply at any Alpha Bank branch

About the conditions

What are the conditions for applying for a credit card through e-Banking?

To get a credit card through your e-Banking, you must:

  • Be aged between 18 and 75.
  • Reside permanently in Greece and hold a Greek mobile phone number and a Greek ID card. If you bank with us with another ID document (e.g. passport, residence permit), you need to book an appointment at one of our branches.
  • Have updated your personal and financial details at Alpha Bank.
  • Have e-Banking credentials.

Which of my details have to be up to date so I can apply for a card?

  • ID card.
  • Home and work address.
  • Phone number.
  • Financial information for the last year.
  • Profession.

Find out all the ways to update your personal details.


I haven’t updated my details. What should I do?

You can update your details easily online, from your mobile or computer.

Find out all the ways to update your personal details.


About completing the application

When will I find out that my application through e-Banking has been approved?

Right away, as long as you apply between 06:00 and 22:00.

If you apply 22:00-06:00, we receive your application and inform you of the result in the morning, by email.


I applied online for a credit card. Do I have to go to a branch to sign the agreement?

No. The whole process is concluded online.

We send you the agreement on the email you registered when you signed it.

In addition, you can retrieve your agreement at any time under “My documents” section on your e-Banking.


About receiving and activating the card

When and where will I receive the card I applied for online?

The new card shows up on your e-Banking within 3 working days. Once it is ready, you get a message on your e-Banking and you can activate it.

You receive the actual card by post in 5-7 working days.


How do I activate my card?

From your computer or mobile phone, as long as you have e-Banking credentials.

From your computer through myAlpha Web:

  1. Locate your new card on the home screen (Overview).
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right of the card and choose “Activate Card”.
  3. Fill in your card expiration date and choose “Activate”.

From your mobile through myAlpha Mobile:

  1. Scroll down to the Cards section on the home screen.
  2. Choose “Activate card”.
  3. Fill in your card expiration date and choose “Activate”.

If you cannot find your new card on myAlpha Web or myAlpha Mobile, you can add the card.

If you do not have e-Banking credentials, you can activate your card at an Alpha Bank ΑΤΜ after you have received your PIN.

See step-by-step instructions on how to activate your card.

Is there an annual fee for cards?

Yes. Check the terms that apply for your card in Alpha Bank’s Transaction Terms