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About managing your package

Can I activate myAlpha Benefit for my business?

No. You can only use it for your personal accounts.

Can I change myAlpha Benefit package?

Yes. Any time you like, you can deactivate the package you already hold and then activate a new one.

I already hold a credit card with no annual fee. Do I have to link it to my package?

No. This way the no annual fee will continue to apply even if you cancel your package.

I hold myAlpha Benefit Advanced/Premium, but I’m not receiving Alpha alerts. What should I do?

Activate Alpha alerts. Log into myAlpha Web and choose: Settings > Manage alerts.

For account alerts:

  1. Click on “Activate”.
  2. Click on “Continue”, provided you accept the detailed terms.
  3. Choose the account to be charged if you want to get alerts through SMS/Viber.
  4. For each account, you can choose how you want to receive Alpha alerts (SMS/Viber and email).
  5. Choose “Account Alerts” to open the account tab.
  6. Manage your alerts and choose the transactions for which you want to receive alerts.

You can change the Alpha alerts settings at any time. When you repeat the process, click on “Edit” in Step 1.


Can I deactivate the myAlpha Benefit transaction package?

Yes, you can deactivate it any time you wish, through myAlpha Mobile or myAlpha Web, as long as you are the holder of the account that is linked to the package:

Overview > Account tab > Menu > Transaction package > Deactivate

The package will be deactivated immediately. The fee for the current month that has already been charged is not returned.

About your fees

Do I have to pay the entire fee, irrespective of the day of the month when I activate the package?

Yes. However, if you activate the package after the 20th of the month, you may choose to activate it at the start of the following month and pay the fee on the 1st day of that month.

In this case, the monthly fee is blocked on your account and charged on the 1st day of the following month. If you change your mind before the fee is charged, you can cancel the package and the fee amount will be released.

I did not carry out any transactions this month. Do I still need to pay the monthly fee?

Yes. The fee is prepaid and charged automatically on the 1st day of each month. If you do not carry out any transactions, the fee is not returned. Moreover, you cannot roll those transactions over to the following month.

I have carried out more transactions this month. Will I pay extra?

Yes. For any transaction in excess of those offered by the myAlpha Benefit package, you are charged according to the Alpha Bank price list.