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Meet your home needs with a deep sense of respect for the environment

With the Alpha Green Solutions – Energy Saving Home loan you can get financing with favourable terms to: 

  • Repair/Renovate your home and improve its energy efficiency.
  • Buy a home classified at least under energy class B.
  • Build/Complete a home classified at least under energy class B.

With an energy-efficient home you can save money and energy, improve your quality of life and protect the environment.


Instalment calculator

Get a better image of your monthly budget, by calculating the monthly instalment of your loan. We reassure you that the data you enter in the following fields are not recorded in our archives.

Frequent questions

What do I gain with the Energy Saving Home programme?

A lower interest rate, depending on the energy efficiency class of your home. More specifically, you get a discount on the floating interest rate spread:

  • -0.20% for B+ energy efficiency class.
  • -0.30% for A energy efficiency class.
  • -0.40% for A+ energy efficiency class.

Find out more about the Energy Saving Home programme.

Can I change the interest rate of my mortgage loan?

Yes, you can switch from a floating to a fixed interest rate, and vice-versa, provided it is specified in your agreement.

However, there will be extra charges if you ask to:

  • Interrupt the fixed interest rate period and switch to floating rate. In this case, you have to pay the cost specified in your agreement for the repositioning.
  • Switch to the fixed interest rate offered today for new loans. In this case, you will have to pay a €200 fee for us processing your request.

What is a floating interest rate?

A floating interest rate consists of:

The base rate (usually 3M Euribor) + spread).

The spread is fixed throughout the loan term. However, the base rate changes daily in the interbank market. This means that each month your instalment increases or decreases according to the change of the base rate and, consequently, the floating rate.

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