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About alerts

What are Alpha alerts?

Alpha alerts are notifications sent to you by Alpha Bank in real time, every time you:

  • Shop using your card.
  • Withdraw cash within your card credit limit (cash advance).
  • Withdraw cash from your account at ΑΤΜs in Greece or abroad.
  • Carry out transactions using e-Banking.

You can choose between Viber/SMS or email notifications.

What is the fee for Alpha alerts?

Depending on the product:

  • Cards – €1/month for each card.
  • Accounts – No charge emails notifications. €1.90/month for SMS/Viber notifications, provided you receive a minimum of 1 text message within the month. One fee applies for all your linked accounts.
  • e-Banking transactions – No charge.

Find out more about Alpha alerts.

Can I activate Alpha alerts on all my Alpha Bank cards?

Yes, you can activate Alpha alerts on all your personal cards:

  • Through myAlpha Web.
  • Over the phone on +302103260000.

If you are the main card holder, you can also activate this service on additional cards.

You cannot activate alerts on business cards.

If I lose my card, will Alpha alerts be activated on the new card?

Yes. No action is necessary on your part.

The service is updated automatically when a new card is issued due to theft/loss/change. You will be getting alerts for your new card soon.

My contact information has changed. How can I update it for Alpha alerts?

You only need to change your contact details for e-Banking. Alpha alerts are updated automatically. No further action is necessary on your part.

I used my card or account, but I did not receive an alert. Why is that?

This may have happened for a number of reasons. For example:

  • There was a technical issue with your telecommunications service provider.
  • The inbox on your email account or mobile phone was full.
  • The message went to the Spam folder because Alpha Bank has not been included in the safe sender list.
  • Your mobile phone reception was poor.
  • You have no Wi-Fi or data connection to receive the alert on Viber.

Learn how to customise your alerts.

Can I customise the alerts I get?


For your cards, you may choose to get alerts for:

  • Purchases over €100 or €300.
  • Withdrawals over €100 or €300.
  • All transactions over €100 or €300.

Log in to myAlpha Web: Settings > Manage alerts > Cards > Edit. 

For your accounts, you may choose to get alerts for:

  • All transactions.
  • Direct debits and standing orders.
  • Pension payments.

You may also choose to get alerts when the available balance in your account gets below or over a certain threshold.

Log in to myAlpha Web: Settings > Manage alerts > Accounts > Edit.