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About Xiaomi Pay in general

Does my device support Xiaomi Pay?

Devices that support Xiaomi Pay include: 

  • Xiaomi Pay Mi Smart Band 6 NFC 
  • Xiaomi Watch S1  
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 Active 

Xiaomi mobile phones continue to support Google Pay technology. 

What cards can I add to Xiaomi Pay?

You can add any Alpha Bank debit, credit or prepaid Mastercard. 

I have not yet received my actual card. Can I still add it to Xiaomi Pay?

No. Before you can add a card to Xiaomi Pay, you must first receive the actual card and activate it. 

How can I add my Mastercard to Xiaomi Pay and to Mi Smart Band 6 NFC?

Before you start, download the Mi Fitness app on your mobile, activate your Mi account and sync your band to your phone using the Mi Fitness app (pairing process). Then: 

  1. In the Mi Fitness app, tap on Device > App classification > Xiaomi Pay.  
  2. Fill in your Alpha Bank Mastercard information: card number, cardholder’s full name, expiration date, and CVC2. 
  3. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. 
  4. Confirm your information using the one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your mobile phone by SMS. 

Your card has now been added to Xiaomi Pay.  

I completed the steps to add my card to Xiaomi Pay, but I have not received an SMS with the OTP. What should I do?

Call us on +302103260000 to complete the authentication process. 

Can I remove my card from Xiaomi Pay?

Yes, through the Mi Fitness app. 

How many cards can I add to Xiaomi Pay?

Up to 8 Mastercard cards. 

About paying with Xiaomi Pay

Where can I carry out transactions using Xiaomi Pay?

You can use Xiaomi Pay at all shops with a POS supporting contactless transactions. 

Where can I see the transactions I have carried out with Xiaomi Pay?

On myAlpha Web, myAlpha Mobile and the Mi Fitness app. 

The number appearing on the POS receipt is not my card number. Why is that?

The number on the POS receipt is the digital account number assigned to your card when you add it to Xiaomi Pay. This is the number used for the transactions. 

Your actual card number is not saved anywhere. This allows you to shop securely in-store or online. 

Do I need an active data connection to shop in-store?

No, this is not necessary. 

However, you do need an active data connection to see your transactions and add or remove a card. 

I want to make a payment using Mi Smart Band. Do I need to have my mobile phone with me?

No. You only need your mobile phone to change your settings (e.g. change your 6-digit PIN number, or add or remove a card). 

How will I know a transaction is complete?

You will receive a POS receipt. 

Do I reap the same rewards on my cards when using Xiaomi Pay?

Yes, you are rewarded for transactions you make with all Alpha Bank Visa and Mastercard cards using Xiaomi Pay, according to the loyalty programme your card participates in: Bonus, Affinity or Energy.

Can I redeem my Bonus points when using Xiaomi Pay?

Yes, when you make transactions with Bonus Cards through Xiaomi Pay, you redeem Bonus Points, just like when you use your card.

How can I choose the card I need if I have added more than 1 card?

Through the Mi Smart Band 6 NFC during the transaction. 

I’ve removed my card from Xiaomi Pay. Can I still use my actual card?

Yes. However, if you cancel your actual card, the card will also be automatically cancelled on Xiaomi Pay. 

About your protection

Are transactions carried out with Xiaomi Pay secure?

Yes, they are secure. 

Xiaomi Pay is based on tokenisation technology. When your card is added to Xiaomi Pay, it is assigned a unique, encrypted account number (token). This digital account number is used for all transactions. 

Your actual card number is not saved anywhere. This allows you to shop securely in-store or online. 

I’ve lost my device. What should I do?

Call us on +302103260000 and we will remove your cards from Xiaomi Pay. 

What should I do if I get another device or reinstall the app?

You will have to add your cards again. 

Before getting another device, remember to remove your cards from Xiaomi Pay on your old device.