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Discover contactless technology and benefit from the speed and convenience offered by the Alpha Bank cards!

More specifically, contactless cards combine:

  • Speed and convenience when you shop, thanks to contactless technology.
  • Secure transactions owing to Chip & PIN technology.

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For purchases up to €50, the transaction is completed without the use of a PIN.

You can carry out contactless purchases over €50 by entering your PIN.

Frequent questions

Are contactless transactions safe?

Yes, they are absolutely safe, as they allow you to always hold the actual card in your hands. What is more, contactless transaction cards: 

  • Use Chip & PIN technology to secure your transactions. 
  • Meet the specifications set by Visa, Mastercard and Diners.  

However, you must never share your PIN with any other person. Find out more about the security of your transactions

Could I be charged twice during a contactless transaction?

No. For a transaction to go through, the merchant must type the amount into the POS terminal.  

Once the transaction is complete, the screen displays a message. Therefore, you will not be charged again, even if you touch your card on the terminal a second time.