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Which additional management options do I have for my Alpha Bank cards?

The electronic services of Alpha Bank offer you several options for managing your cards.

1. By selecting Cards > Management you can: 

report the loss/theft of your card and have your card cancelled immediately, 
activate your new credit cards, 
request the issue of a new ΡΙΝ, 
modify the cash withdrawal limit.

These options are available through myAlpha Web, myAlpha Mobile and myAlpha Phone. 

2. By selecting Cards > Prepaid cards you can load and unload your prepaid cards. 

3. By selecting Cards > Bonus Programme you can: 
be updated about the Bonus points of your cards, 
transfer Bonus points to other Alpha Bank Bonus cards (personal or of third parties) 
browse the history of the Bonus points transfers you have already carried out. 

These options are available through myAlpha Web and myAlpha Phone.

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