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We reward you for being consistent with the due dates of your consumer loan, by creating programmes and services that will help you repay it easier. 

Set up directly the instalment and duration of your loan, using Alpha Tailored Repayment, so as to manage your finances in an easier way. 

Thus, provided your loan is still performing, you have the option to:

  • Reduce your instalment by half for up to 6 months.
  • Adjust the term of your loan. Feel free to ask us to increase the term of your loan so as to reduce your instalment.
  • Skip up to two instalments per year. For instance, you may choose a zero instalment for January and February or for two non-consecutive months. Plan in time the submission of your application in order to secure a zero instalment for the month you want.

You choose the amount of instalments and the term of your loan

With Alpha Tailored Repayment you may set the instalment of your consumer loan:

  • from Euro 50 for loans with no collateral 
  • from Euro 100 for loans with collateral.

You can adjust the term of your loan, 12 months after its disbursement and up to two times throughout its term.

The Bank reserves the right to not consent to the use of the above options, following assessment of the Customer's application.