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Protecting your e-Banking credentials

Your credentials are essentially your online identification for our systems. Therefore, they are strictly personal and you must not share them with anyone.

There is no chance that we ask you to provide these personal credentials in any of our communications. This means you must ignore any message or email asking you to share them.

Scroll down for practical advice on how to create and protect strong credentials.

Create strong credentials

While creating credentials, you must consider 2 principles:

  1. Make them complex. Do not use simple words that can be easily associated with you. Your credentials must also include numbers, symbols and upper-case letters. We recommend avoiding the words Alpha, Bank, code, password, as well as your name or date of birth.
  2. Make them sufficiently long. The more characters your password includes, the stronger it is. You can also choose to use a passphrase, i.e., an entire phrase as your password, which is longer than 12 characters long but still easy to memorise.

Do not save your credentials

Never save your credentials on any of your devices.

If you need to make a note of them, keep your Username separate from your Password, in different, secure locations, in a way that makes it unclear what they are about.

Regularly change your passwords

A strong Password loses its strength over time. This is why you must frequently change your passwords. We ask you to change your Password every 3 or 6 months; however, we recommend that you change it even more often than that.

Do not share your credentials

Your credentials are strictly personal and you must never share them with anyone. They are yours, and yours alone, and you are the only person supposed to know them.

lpha Bank will never ask you to provide your credentials. You must ignore anyone asking you to provide your credentials through email or over the phone, while claiming that they act on behalf of Alpha Bank, that they are an accountant, or under any other pretence.

If you suspect or are sure that your credentials have been stolen or compromised, please call us immediately on +302103260000. After listening to the recording, say “suspicion of fraud” and your call will be immediately directed to an Alpha Bank employee.

For fraud-related issues, our helpline is available 24/7.

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