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Protecting your devices

Your devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet) are essential tools for carrying out transactions. This is why it is common for scammers to target these devices to steal your credentials, documents etc.

Scroll down for some practical advice on boosting security on your computer, mobile phone and tablet to protect yourself against such malicious actions.

Use protection software

Operating systems, such as Windows, usually come with security mechanisms for your protection. To boost your security as much as possible, we recommend downloading and installing more protection apps, such as firewall, antivirus and antispyware software etc.

In any case, make sure that even the pre-installed mechanisms that come with your OS are activated and in working order.

Download the latest updates

Your applications and software are constantly updated to offer you new functionalities and better security. It is crucial to check that you always have the latest version of your software, including your browser, antivirus, Viber etc., as well as that you have activated and installed all the security updates regularly issued by the developers. This is how you can make sure your operating system and applications function properly and securely.

Be mindful of your devices’ operation

If you notice a sudden change in how your device operates, do not ignore this, as it may be a sign it has been infected with a virus.

Use some security software, such as your antivirus, to diagnose your device, or take it to an authorised technician.

Delete your temporary internet files

Your temporary internet files record information that may be useful to scammers. Therefore, it is advisable to delete these files every time you log out of myAlpha Web.

To do this, navigate to your browser settings, go to History and delete the relevant files.

Only trust applications provided by official app stores

Your mobile phone is as vulnerable to viruses as your other devices. To protect it, we recommend downloading your apps only from official sellers based on your phone’s operating system (Google Play, App Store, Huawei App Gallery).

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