Branch Network

How this scam works

If you have posted a classified ad, such as for selling an item or renting a property, etc., on a website or on social media, you will have to carefully consider prospective buyers and, most importantly, the payment methods they suggest.

They may ask you to provide credentials or a PIN to “make the payment faster”. In other cases, they may pretend they have made a down payment and send you a link for you to log into your e-Banking and confirm the payment has been made.

This is how they will attempt to steal your credentials and access your business accounts. Ultimately, they will try to carry out fraudulent online transactions and charge your account or card.


How to protect yourself

You must never share your company’s e-Banking credentials, Username and Password, or the additional security codes with anyone, regardless of how they may have been asked for this information.

Moreover, you should log into our online services only through Alpha Bank’s official website, by actually typing directly into your browser’s address bar.

Never log in using links you find on other websites, emails or search engines.

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