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Being cautious when carrying out transactions at ATMs

Fraud is not exclusive to online transactions. It can also occur while trying to withdraw cash at ATMs. Therefore, you must remain vigilant while you are at the ΑΤΜ and follow the relevant security instructions.

Protect your PIN

To withdraw cash or carry out any other transaction at an ATM, you will need to use your PIN. While typing it, use your free hand to cover the ATM keypad so that the numbers you are typing are not visible.

Same as your Password, your PIN must change frequently for added security. Each new PIN must be quite different from the previous ones and not easily predictable (your year of birth, 1234 etc.). It is also advisable to use different PINs for different cards.

You must memorise your PIN instead of writing it down. If, however, you need to make a note of it so that you do not forget it, you must keep it at a secure location. In any case, you must never write down your PIN on the back of your card or keep it where you keep your card. What is more, you should never share it with anyone.

Do not accept help from strangers

Some people may pretend to offer help with your transaction, while they are actually trying to rob you or find out your PIN. You must trust absolutely no one unless you know who they are.

Make sure to retrieve your card when you leave the ATM

When you make withdrawal cash, your card is returned by the ΑΤΜ before your money comes out. In all other transactions, your card is returned after you have completed your transaction. Make sure to take your card with you every time before you leave.

Find out what you can do if:

Make sure to take your transaction receipt

If you opt to get a receipt for your transaction, make sure to take it with you as soon as it is issued by the ATM. It contains information that could be useful to scammers.

In all transactions, you have the option to opt out of getting a receipt.

Check for suspicious devices

If you notice any unusual devices on the ATM, the card slot or the keypad, do not carry out any transactions.

Instead, call us immediately on +302103260000. After listening to the recording, say “suspicion of fraud” and your call will be immediately directed to an Alpha Bank employee.

For fraud-related issues, our helpline is available 24/7.

Find more security tips

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