Branch Network


1.1 Account Maintenance EUR 30 per month
1.2 Minimum balance requirement NO
1.3 Account Closure EUR 100
1.4 Interest calculation
Credit rate By arrangement
Debit rate By arrangement
1.5 SWIFT Reporting
MT 950 (whenever entries are posted) FREE
by mail FREE
by fax EUR 15 per page


2.1 Cheque drawn on your account


2.2 Stop payment request

EUR 30



3.1 In favour of a Bank     
Bank to Bank     

    credited in our books


   transferred to another bank

EUR 6 per debit
3.2 In favour of a customer
For STP - SHA payments (all currencies)
    favour customer of our Bank FREE
    favour customer of other Bank Handling fee: EUR 1,50
For STP - OUR payments*      

Payments in EUR

1) EUR 10 for amount up to 
    EUR 50.000
2) 0,5max EUR 75 for amount > EUR 50.000,01
Payments in Foreign Currency 0,50min EUR 10, max. EUR 75
GUARANTEED OUR By arrangement
*Charges imposed by third parties will be passed on to the remitting bank.
Alpha Bank will not honour any claim for 'OUR' payments exceeding EUR 75 per item
For Non-STP payments EUR 10 (in addition)
NOTES -If the remitting Bank maintains an account in our books charges will be debited to this account
-Payments with separate covers will be executed only upon receipt of the relevant cover
3.3 Cancellations  EUR 30
3.4 Amendments EUR 30 plus third party charges
3.5 Adjustment of value date EUR 100 operational charges plus real cost (threshold claim: EUR 500)
3.6 Handling fee for late cover EUR 100
3.7 Return fee EUR 30
3.8 Payment investigations
Inquiries up to three months from transaction date EUR 30 plus third party charges
Inquiries for items over three months from transaction date EUR 100 plus third party charges
3.9 Cut-off times (for STP payments)
Bank to Bank transfers (MT202/EUR) 16.30
Commercial Payments (MT103) 14.00
Cancellation of Bank to Bank transfers (MT202) D-1 15.00
Cancellation of MT103 D-1 15.00
4.1 Advising / issuing a credit 2min. EUR 30
4.2 Confirming a credit By arrangement
4.3 Negotiation / payment 2min EUR 35
4.4 Amendments EUR 30
4.5 Cancellation or expiration of unutilized credits EUR 30
4.6 Passing forward to another bank EUR 45
4.7 Transfer to another beneficiary 8‰ min. EUR 80
4.8 Reimbursement instructions EUR 30
5.1 Issuing an L/G under another Bank's counter guarantee By arrangement
5.2 Passing forward an L/G without our guarantee EUR 40
5.3 Amendment EUR 30
6.1 For payment or acceptance   1,5‰ min. EUR 30 max. EUR 120
6.2 Returned unpaid or unaccepted  1,5‰ min. EUR 30 max. EUR 120

6.3 Released "free of payment"/ delivered to other banks

1,5‰ min. EUR 30 max. EUR 120

6.4 Extension, amendments EUR 30 each

7.1 For payment or acceptance 3min. EUR 30
max. EUR 150
7.2 Returned unpaid or unaccepted 3‰ min. EUR 30 max. EUR 150

7.3 Released "free of payment" / delivered to other banks

3‰ min. EUR 30 max. EUR 150

7.4 Extension, amendments EUR 30 each
8.1 CASH LETTER SERVICE Upon request

9.1 Auditors' Report EUR 45
9.2 Credit information EUR 60 each
9.3 Community Transit Guarantees EUR 30
Note: Mailing, SWIFT, as well as third party/correspondents' charges, if any, will be charged additionally. For transactions requiring special handling, an additional charge will be applied. Prices and amounts expressed in EUR are valid for the respective counter-values in any other currency.

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