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Easy and direct online transfer of funds

Make your online fund transfers easier, quicker and more secure, by using the options available in "Transfers" section. Here you can find anything you need to carry out, organise and manage effectively every fund transfer to accounts kept with Alpha Bank or other banks in Greece and abroad.

To which accounts?

To accounts:

  • kept with Alpha Bank (your own or of third parties), immediately and free of charge
  • kept with domestic banks participating in the DiasTransfer system
  • kept with banks abroad in more than 200 countries worldwide. View here the detailed list of participating countries.

From what means of payments?


  • Alpha Bank accounts registered with debit usage rights in your profile
  • Alpha Bank cards (cash advance) and loans registered with debit usage rights in your profile, for transfers between Alpha Bank accounts.

In which currency?

  • In Euro (between accounts in Euro kept with Alpha Bank and other domestic banks)
  • In foreign currency, for transfers to banks abroad, available for 21 currencies
  • In foreign currency, for transfers between accounts in foreign currency kept with Alpha Bank.


  • Immediately or at a future date, for transfers between Alpha Bank accounts
  • Immediately, for transfers in Euro to accounts kept with other domestic banks participating in the IRIS Οnline Payments  system, on working days (08:00 – 16:15) and according to the current Price list
  • On the next working day for transfers in Euro to other banks (domestic or foreign)
  • On the next working day for transfers in foreign currency to foreign banks.


  • By inserting myAlpha Code for transfers to other banks’ accounts (domestic or foreign) and for transfers to Alpha Bank accounts which are not registered in your profile
  • You can select whether you want to block the amount of the transfer until the selected execution date.

Is there a limit on the amount transferred?

  • No limits apply to transfers between Alpha Bank accounts registered in your profile, if you choose the immediate execution option
  • An upper transfer limit of €Euro 15,000 (or the equivalent amount in the case of remittances in foreign currency) applies per transaction per day.

At what cost?

  • Free of charge, for transfers between Alpha Bank accounts (your own or those of third parties)
  • At significant discounts and in accordance with Alpha Bank's current Price list for transfers to non-Alpha Bank accounts (in Greece or abroad).

More options:

  • Monitor the status of each transfer order and view the complete history of all transfers (menu Transfers > History)
  • Free of charge alert in case the transaction is unsuccessful by using the Alpha alerts service
  • Cancel transfers not yet executed (menu Transfers > Pending)
  • Save your frequent transfers for even faster execution
  • Set recurring transfers as standing orders for regular execution
  • Print a copy of the transaction and save it to a pdf file
  • Choose how transfer charges will be paid (by you or by the beneficiary), for transfers to other domestic banks.

For details on the transfer options available by the e-Banking services, check here.

Do you have more questions? Find the answer to your question in the FAQs section or browse the Service's interactive demo.

Secure electronic transactions
The security of your transactions is our priority. We ask our Customers to follow the guidelines for the security of electronic transactions provided by Alpha Bank, especially at this time that phishing attacks have significantly increased.

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