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Now, with the housing loan Alpha Residence you can ensure for you and your family exclusive benefits for acquiring your first home.

Favorable financing

Low fixed interest rate starting from 2.80% without any charge of early repayment

Benefits for every member of your family

Free of charge the insurance plan "Alpha Health Care for All Classic" for children, in cooperation with Generali insurance S.A. For the whole loan tenor, you can cover the medical needs of your children up to 16 years old having comprehensive preventive and diagnostic care services at the associated diagnostic centers of Bioiatriki SA.

Bonus reward

  • Alpha Bank Bonus Visa Gold Credit Card full of benefits and gold rewards with preferential collection of Bonus points
  • 20,000 Βonus points upon the first transaction
  • Preferential pricing, without subscription fee and low interest rate

You can visit any of our Branches and be informed about the exclusive benefits that Alpha Bank offers you for the acquisition of your first home.

The housing loan that covers every housing need with a variety of choices of repayment for the whole loan tenor

With the housing loan Alpha Residence you can cover every housing need you may have, such as the  purchase, construction, completion and repair of a home or a building, as well as the purchase of a plot.

You can choose the type of your interest rate, having either a stable installment by choosing a fixed interest rate ranged from 5 to 30 years, or benefit from the favourable market conditions by choosing a variable interest rate tied to the 3-month Euribor rate.

You can, also, select the monthly instalment you wish to pay at the beginning of your housing loan term, in order to help you deal with the expenses associated with a new house. Selecting the option of “Low Start”  you define the monthly instalment you wish to pay at the beginning of your housing loan term, reduced up to 50% compared to the regular one.

Instalment calculator

Get a better image of your monthly budget, by calculating the monthly instalment of your loan. We reassure you that the data you enter in the following fields are not recorded in our archives.

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