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How this scam works

Similar to suspicious or fraudulent emails, suspicious or fraudulent SMS text messages are sent for the same purpose. In this case, too, you must not follow the links leading to fake websites. Moreover, you must not call any of the suggested phone numbers, as they lead to the scammers who claim they represent the legitimate company.

If you happened to follow such a link, called a number and shared your credentials or authorized a transaction you did not carry out with the 6-digit myAlpha Code you may have received through Viber, SMS or the myAlpha Code device, you must contact us immediately

How to protect yourself

To better protect yourself, you can look out for specific signs that point to a suspicious SMS text.


Read the link very carefully before tapping on it. If it looks legitimate, then make sure to carefully check the page you will be redirected to after you tap on it. You need to be absolutely certain it belongs to your bank’s official website. 


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