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Easiness in organizing your finances combined with a low unified instalment

For those of you who want to organise your finances and consolidate your performing debts from Alpha Bank loans and cards in a single loan, Alpha Bank has created an innovative programme: Alpha All in 1.

Choose Alpha All in 1 and pay a single instalment for as much as half the money you used to pay so far.

Frequent questions

Why should I choose Alpha All in 1?

To pay only 1 instalment that may be up to 50% lower.

With Alpha All in 1 you can consolidate your performing debts from Alpha Bank loans and cards into 1 loan, with a favourable interest rate.

Are there any requirements to apply for a consumer loan?

Yes. You must be a permanent resident of Greece and have an income in Greece.

If your income alone is not enough to guarantee loan repayment, you can name a guarantor for the loan.

Can I repay my loan at any time?

Yes, repay your loan in full or in part at any time during the loan term, at no extra cost. All you have to do, is apply at one of our branches.

If you opt for a partial repayment, you save up on future interest by reducing the due amount and, at the same time, your next instalment is readjusted.

What is the annual percentage rate of charge (APRC)?

It is the actual total cost of your loan or any other credit you have obtained. It includes the interest, levies and other loan expenses you will pay expressed as an annual percentage of the total loan.

The APRC makes it easier for you to compare different offers.