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Alpha Bank SA in addition to its status as a credit institution, it also acts as an insurance intermediary. For more information click here

The cover you need for the repayment of your loan

Ensure automatic repayment of your consumer loan in case of unforeseen events by getting the “Alpha Individuals Insurance” plan designed by Alpha Bank to provide substantial coverage to borrowers.

Choose the insurance plan that protects you and your family in case of loss of life or disability of the borrower, covering the repayment of the outstanding loan balance and accrued interest. 

You can get the Alpha Individuals Insurance plan until the age of 62 years and the plan starts as soon as the loan is disbursed.

Covers of the “Alpha Individuals Insurance” plan in case of:

  • loss of life or disability: repayment of the outstanding loan balance up to Euro 50,000 maximum
  • hospitalization: coverage of up to four amortisation instalments of the loan not exceeding Euro 4,000.