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What kind of payments can I make via my corporate myAlpha Web subscription?

You can use your myAlpha Web subscription to pay:

  • amounts due to credit cards issued by Alpha Bank (and other banks) and loan installments
  • debts to agencies and several companies
  • donations to a large number of organizations

For payments to Alpha Bank cards that are not registered in your subscription, as well as to cards issued by other domestic banks, it is mandatory to enter myAlpha Code.

With which means of payment?

You can make payments using your accounts in Euro which you have registered with debit usage rights in your profile.


  • Immediately for certain payments (e.g. payments to Alpha Bank products and to certain companies and organizations).
  • At a selected future date for the majority of payments, with the earliest payment date being the current working day.  In that case, the payment will be executed at a specific time of the day, as set on the transaction receipt.


  • By entering myAlpha Code for payments to cards issued by Alpha Bank (yours or of a third party) that are not already registered in your subscription, as well as for payments to cards issued by other domestic banks.
  • With the ability to block the amount in your account, without any interest loss, until the selected payment date.

Is there a limit for transactions?

Payments do not fall under the maximum daily limit for transactions through myAlpha Web, so you can pay any amount (as long as it does not exceed the maximum limit per transaction permitted), either to Alpha Bank products or to organizations and companies.

At what cost?

  • Free of charge, for payment to Alpha Bank products
  • With a small charge, depending on the particular type of payment to organisations and companies and at significant discounts compared to payments made at the Branch. See Alpha Bank's current Price-list for detailed payment charges per organisation and channel.

Save time!

  • Arrange your multiple payments to the Unified Public Social Security Body (EFKA) with just one click!
  • Select up to 30 different codes for multiple payment, in only one transaction.

Additional capabilities:

  • Set standing orders for payments to organisations and companies
  • Save your frequent payments for even faster execution
  • Free of charge notification in the case of an unsuccessful transaction, via Alpha alerts service.
  • Print a copy of the transaction and save it to a pdf file.

Payments per user level

The assistant users:

  • prepare - submit a payment task for approval by the authorized users (and then by the approvers, if any).
  • monitor the status of the tasks they have submitted for approval.
  • have the ability to cancel payment tasks not yet approved by the authorized users.

The authorized users:

  • are notified of every new payment task submitted by the assistant users
  • prepare payment tasks for approval by themselves and by the approvers
  • approve or reject multiple payment tasks submitted by assistant users or by themselves
  • monitor the status of each payment order
  • have access to the history of payments submitted via the Alpha e-Banking services
  • have the ability to cancel payment orders which have not yet been executed and whose status is “Pending”.

The approvers (if these exist for a subscription):

  • Are notified of every new payment task already approved by the authorized users
  • Grant final approval or reject multiple payment tasks already approved by the authorized users.

It is pointed out that approval for a task can be granted on any day, from 07:00 to 19:00.


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