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Get access to your Business e-Banking faster than ever!

Get e-Banking for your Business and gain full control of your finances in a user-friendly environment that can meet your needs.

Take advantage of what Business e-Banking has to offer and get a complete picture of all your products, pay bills, cards and loans, your suppliers and partners and organize the payment of your personnel in a fast and secure manner.

All you need is a single visit to the Alpha Bank Branch you cooperate with, in order for your Company’s legal representative(s) to sign the relevant contract and create a the subscription that meets your Company’s needs.

The only prerequisite is that you hold a company deposit account in Euro with Alpha Bank.

During your visit to the Branch:

  • You will need to present your identity card (or other identification document), as the Company’s legal representative, and the Company seal.
  • Οur specialized Business Advisors, will help you establish and configure your corporate subscription to myAlpha Web and myAlpha Phone, so that it best meets the structure and needs of your Company. You can choose up to four approval levels and up to three user levels.
  • Αctivate myAlpha Code to gain access to the full range of available options via myAlpha Web and myAlpha Phone.

After visiting the Branch:

Subscription users receive via email their Username and can create their own Password online, using their email and mobile phone, which you have already provided us with, when you signed up at the Branch.

You are ready to log in to the e-Banking services of Alpha Bank for the first time!

Register online without visiting the Branch.

Alternatively, you may get e-Banking for your Business online. Online registration is available to all Individual businesses, as well as, businesses with one legal representative regardless of their legal form (SA, LTD, OE, EU, IKE, etc.), provided you are an Alpha Bank customer.

A prerequisite for your registration is to have a company deposit account in Euro in Alpha Bank and the legal documents you have submitted to be valid. As the legal representative that you will proceed with the online registration, you will have to be, in your capacity as an individual, a registered e-Banking user or to own an active Alpha Bank debit or credit card.

Register online here

Safeguard your subscription!

  • Any disclosure of the Username and Password of the “authorised user” to other executives / officers of the Company is made under the sole responsibility of the Company’s legal representatives.
  • Please do not keep your Username and Password together, in order to deter their possible use by third parties.

* Find out more about potential costs arising from the use of e-Banking services, according to Alpha Bank's current price list.

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