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Payments to Public Sector easily, securely and free of charge

Pay the Income Tax, VAT, Real Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) and the Vehicle Circulation Tax using e-Banking by:

  • debiting your Alpha Bank deposit account
  • paying in up to 12 interest-free instalments with your Alpha Bank credit card

Pay easily in 4 simple steps

Save time by paying the Income Tax, VAT, Real Estate Property Tax and the Vehicle Circulation Tax using myAlpha Web and myAlpha Mobile.

  1. Sign on to myAlpha Web or myAlpha Mobile
  2. Select the desired type of payment from the “Payments” menu: “Assessed Tax Dues” or “Vehicle Circulation Tax
  3. Select the deposit account or credit card you wish to debit
  4. Fill in the “Payment Code”, the amount due and the number of instalments (for credit card payments)


To complete your transaction, you should know:

  • the “Payment ID” or “Payment code”, as shown on the respective payment bill,
  • the exact amount due,
  • the payment due date.

Know your payment options:

Through the "Payments" section, you can:

  • pay by debiting your Alpha Bank deposit account on an one-off basis or in instalments in accordance with the predetermined instalments shown on your income tax notice, on the same day or at a later date
  • make your payments using an Alpha Bank credit card and benefit from the option to pay in up to 12 interest-free instalments
  • pay your dues or make payments on behalf of third parties as well
  • schedule the interim payments so that they take place automatically on the due date of each instalment if you pay your Income Tax or Real Estate Property Tax from a deposit account in accordance with the instalments shown on your Income Tax Notice
  • look up the “Payment ID” and the “Payment code” of previous instalments in the Payments History / Search section so that you can use them again next time
  • e-mail or print the corresponding transaction copy. You can also access the Payments History / Search section if you want to print the transaction copy again or save it on your computer.

Do you have questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions section to find the answer you seek for making payments using the e-Banking services here.

We are here whenever you need us:

For further clarifications regarding payments via myAlpha Web and myAlpha Mobile, you can contact the Customer Service at +30 210 326 0000, every day from 8:00 to 22:30.

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