Branch Network

How it works

Log in to myAlpha Mobile, go to the  "IRIS Payments" menu, where you will find the options "IRIS" and "IRIS QR". Specifically:

  • IRIS, which concerns money transfers up to 500 Euros per day to and from your mobile phone contacts, without any charge.
  • IRIS QR, which you can use to make payments in e-shops via QR Code scanning.


For fund transfers within Alpha Bank

You can transfer or receive instantly funds up to €Euro 500 per day,

  • from and to contacts on your mobile phone
  • through the email of your contacts.

For fund transfers outside Alpha Bank

You can transfer or receive instantly funds up to € 500 per day,

  • from and to the contacts on your mobile phone who keep accounts with other banks in Greece and are also registered to the IRIS payments system.

For fund transfers to professionals/Enterprises

You can make payments to professionals/Enterprises registered to the IRIS payments system, far as you know

  • their mobile phone number
  • or their Tax Registration Number.

How do I activate it? 

  1. Log into myAlpha Mobile, go to the “IRIS Payments” menu, select “IRIS” and then “Settings”
  2. Enter the account to or from which you wish to transfer or receive funds through IRIS
  3. Select how you want other IRIS users to find you (by mobile phone, email)
  4. You are ready! Send or request to receive money.


For payments with QR Code in an online store (e-commerce) via myAlpha Mobile

To pay a merchant in his website using a QR code follow the steps below:

  • On the merchant's web site (check out web page) select payment with "IRIS Payments".
  • Then, you will be redirected to the "IRIS Payments" payment methods page, where the following options will be displayed:
  1. Payment via e-Banking
  2. Payment via QR Code, where the QR Code is displayed in the form of:

                                  IRIS QR CODE

        Select the second option.

  • Open the myAlpha Mobile app and log in
  • From the burger menu select "IRIS Payments" and then  "IRIS QR".
  • Scan the QR Code that appears on the website of the online store.
  • Select the Billing account of your choice.
  • Confirm the transaction according to the approval procedure you have chosen (use of biometrics or myAlpha code).
  • The result of the transaction will be displayed on the merchant's confirmation website.