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 Process for taking out a loan

              Find out more about the process for taking out a mortgage loan through the “Spiti mou” co-financed government scheme.

Supporting documents for verification of details

Find out what supporting documents you need to submit along with your application.

For your personal details

  • ID card or other valid ID
  • Family status certificate issued within the last month
  • Family status certificate from the applicants’ parents
  • Medical certificate for pregnant applicants
  • Solemn declaration stating that the information is correct and the supporting documents are authentic

For your tax details and assets

  • Income tax clearance certificate for the last 2 years, in PDF format
  • Latest ENFIA (Single Property Tax) certificate, in PDF format
  • Copy of latest E9 form

For your income

Salaried employees

  • Recent payroll slip
  • Certificate from employer regarding your place of work

Freelance professionals or sole proprietorships

  • Copies of E3 forms for the last 3 years
  • Periodic VAT returns for the current and previous year, if you file such returns