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How easy is it for a student to uncover their personality traits and reach their target quickly and effectively? 

To perform this mapping, teenagers must be introduced to various career guidance programmes. This way, they can explore a number of personality traits by filling in multiple psychometric tools (tests and questionnaires).

  • Personality tests
  • Career aptitude tests
  • Personal aptitude tests
  • Career values assessment (leadership, initiative, recognition, ability to collaborate, control, structure, etc.)
  • Personal value assessment (fame, routine, independence, etc.)
  • Assessment of skills (perceptual speed and accuracy; motor skills; spatial awareness; inductive reasoning; mathematical skills; language skills; keenness of observation; ease with numbers; originality of thought etc.)
  • Decision-making questionnaire (How capable is the teenager of taking responsibility for their choices and transitioning into adulthood independently?)

Other than the variety of questionnaires which are available in the market and which are very helpful in de-coding personality traits, personal consultations/sessions with qualified and certified counsellors are an important stage of any career guidance programme. Proper reading, as well as complilation and interpretation of the assessment tool results is carried out by experts, and the final personality mapping of the student is performed by career counsellors.

The tips were compiled by Vicki Pavlidi, Special Educator (MA), Educational Psychologist (MSc, HCPC/UK) and Career Counsellor (MA).