Branch Network
For every new Housing loan application which will be submitted from 14.03.2022 until 31.05.2022 you have a gift voucher of Euro 100 from Kotsovolos for the first purchases of your home.

The voucher gift:

  •  is offered to the main debtor of the loan during the phase of the loan final approval
  • the voucher gift applies per any Housing Loan application
  • sms is sent to mobile phone of the main debtor of the loan
  • it applies exclusively for purchases of household appliances, air conditions, small home appliances and tv sets through the entire network of Kotsovolos , by phone or online.
  • it doesn’t apply for purchases of other products such as H/Y, mobile phones, tablets etc.
  • it has a six-month validation period since the date of the receival of the relevant sms

You can visit any of our branches and be informed about the exclusive benefits that Alpha Bank offers you for the acquisition of your first home.