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The absolute protection for your house

Protect your home against simple or unforeseen risks with the new home insurance plans, Alpha Home Insurance Basic, Alpha Home Insurance Plus and Alpha Home Insurance Superior, designed by Alpha Bank Group in cooperation with Generali, to best suit your needs.

Choose one of these three new insurance plans, which provide you with comprehensive protection for your home and compensation based on the value of the residence, on a new for old basis, excluding impairment due to old age or wear and tear.

With Alpha Home Insurance Superior plan, you get up to 10% discount on next year's ENFIA (unified property tax), according to the terms and conditions of Article 46 of Government Gazette/Α/136/29.7.2023.
Additionally, if you get the Alpha Home Insurance plan from 01.09.23 to 30.11.2023, you earn 5.000 Bonus points, and if you combine it with the Alpha Safe Home plan, you earn 15.000 Bonus points.  You can redeem your Bonus points at Bonus loyalty programme partners companies.

Covers and benefits
New for old insurance
Forest fire
Extensive explosion
Aircraft fall
Vehicle collision
Technical assistance
Earthquake and/or earthquake-related fire (for buildings erected after 1960)
deductible: 2% of insured capital

deductible: 2% of insured capital

deductible: 2% of insured capital

deductible: 2% of insured capital
Smoke-related damage
Riots, strikes, uproar, civil commotion
Malicious acts
Acts of terrorism
Flood/storm/tempest/snow/hail/frost damage
Burst pipes (expenses for detecting and repairing the damage)
Theft/ burglary/ robbery (relating to main residence)
Property damage due to theft (relating to main residence)
Debris removal  
Cost of compliance with building regulations
Architects - engineers fees
Automatic indexation
Family liability insurance
Glass pane breakage
Temporary accommodation expenses or loss of rental fees
Transportation expenses to temporary residence
deductible: Euro 150 of the damage
Coverage of bank safe deposit box contents

* Old Plan / Not available anymore
** Deductible: Euro 500 per cover and loss except for protection against earthquake

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